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Science Geology test

Pangaea split into a northern continent called Laurasia and a southern continent called ? Gandwanaland
Flowering plants called____?_____ evolved during the mesozoic era Angiosperms
Which period was dominated by fish? Devonian period
In what time period did great coal forming swamps exist in? Pennsylvanian period
We live in and mamals dominate the________ era Cenozoic era
Plants having seeds without fruit covering such as athe pine appeared in the Permian period and are called__________. Gymnosperms
What era was dominated by invertebrates, fish, and early amphibians and reptiles? Paleozoic era
What formed when volcanoes erupted gases? Earths early atmosphere
What super continent was in the late paleozoic and early Mesozoic era? Pangaea
What was the supercontinent that existed 750 million years ago? Rondinia
The oxygen in our atmosphere is __________ that was created 3 billion years ago cyanobacteria
Based on the fossil evidence of___________,scientist think some dino's cared for their young. Maiasaura
The earth is believed to be ________ years old. 4.5 billion
Which period is known for trilobites? Cambrian
Dino's lived in the ________ era Mesozoic Era
The first bird was the ________ which had feathers and claws. Archaeopterys
What is the process by which a particular organism survives b/c of a trait that makes it suited to the enviorment? Natural Selection
What animal evolved that did not need to return to the water? Reptiles
What animal with a backbone developed during the ordovicion period? Vertebrates
Early Cyanobacteria formed _________ or limestone reef line structures stromatolites
Life began when air molecules were struck by ________? Lightning
_________ live on land but must return to water? Amphibians
A Bird believed to have evolved from the dino ______? Troodon
What formed 3.8 billion years ago? Oceans
what was the longest era? Pre-cambrian era
When did amber form? 30-90 million years ago
Amber is also known as_______? Succinite
What does the modern word amber come from? the Arabic word ambergris which is a waxy substance in the intestines of whales
Is DR Amber too old or too young? Too Young
What breakes down over time? DNA
Is it impossible to get complete strains of Dino DNA? YES
What is the hypothesis of how dino's became extinct? Extinction was caused by a huge impact that left a cloud around the earthblocking the sunlight killing cold blooded dino's.
How long was the earth completely dark? 1-3 months
who were the most affected organisms? cold blooded dino's
Created by: 2014flolyn