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Science Finals Test

to help u study [duh]

Flask, beakers, gradudated cylinders are used to measure_______________. volume
The purpose of the reproduction system is to produce___________________ gametes
Your __________ sends and recieves messages. nervous system
ovaries produce _________ egg cells
The _________ filter your blood for impurities kidney
the ________ gland produces hormones to regulate stress adrenal
Gregor Mendel is known as the ________ of _______ father of genectics
All living things have ____________ chromosomes
the gametes of all living things have ___ the amount of chromosomes as the parents. 1/2 one half
humans are made of ____ chromosomes 46
transpiration is when the plant releases _____________ ________________ water vapor
a meter stick is used to measure the _____ of water.consumers eat ________ for energy depthother organisms
producers are known as _____ in the food chain plants
name the trophic levels of a food chain producer, primary consumer, secondary consumer, teriary consumer
the _______ is the curved bottom of liquid in a graduated cylinder. minicus
name 3 examples of inherited traits nose, eye color, thumb, hair etc
a plant with _____ leaves would wilt before a plant with ______ leaves. thin,thick
the system responsible for sending and receiving messages is the _________ ___________ nervous system
put these words in order during ecological successiion: bushes, lichens/mosses, trees, grass lichens/mosses, grass, bushes, trees
a base has the range from ____ to ____. 8 to 14
A acid has the range from ____ to ____. 0 to 6
If you mix an acid and a base you will _____ the chemicals. neutralize
Chemical weathering can create ____ caves
______ is deposited and builds up into layers over time soil
is coal a clean or unclean source of energy?what about oil?wind? unclean, unclean, clean
what's the largest causeof extinction of species humans
name a permeable soil type gravel
name an impermeable soil type clay
soil erosion is caused when__________________________________ when we cut down trees
the _____________________________________ is responsible for making laws to help save our enviroent and species, enviromental protection agency
if a flower has both male and female parts it can _____-___________ self-pollinate
if a flower has either the male or female part i ha to ______-________________ cross pollinate
what is a lunar eclipse? when the moon passes over the earths shadow [and the sun, moon, and earth are in a line.]
what is the cause of earth's seasons? earth's axis, tilt, and where it is in it's revolution around the sun.
what causes alaska to have 6 months of day and night? earth's tilt and revolution around the sun.
earth's revolution is approx _____ 365 days
earths rotation is approx ______ 1 day
earth rotation is in a ______ ________ direction counter clockwise
the sun appears to rise in the ____ and set in the _____ east,west
what causes phases of the moon? sunlight and position in its orbit
how long does it take for the moon to go through all of its phases?why? 29.5 days takes 4wks for every new moon
what causes shadows? sunlight, in the middle of day shadows are shorter. in the end of the day shadows are longer.
how long does it take for the moon to rotate? 27 days
what causes rockslides gravitym weathering,erosion
what is biomass? all plant material on the planet [renewable or inexhaustible]
Created by: poop1