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Anatomy final -.-

anatomy final study guide

What is the central opening in the eye that light passes through? pupil
What is the pigmented portion of the eye? iris
What is the transparent portion of the eye? cornea
What is the lining of the visible outer surface of the eye? conjunctiva
At what rate is the virtuous body replaced per year? 20%
What controls the shape of the lens? the ciliary muscles
What would damage to the fovea affect the eye? it would interfere with the ability to see color
Functions of the blood include: restricting fluid loss, regulation of pH and electrolyte concentration of interstitial fluids, transport of nutrients and wastes and body defense
What is the function of the hemoglobin? to carry oxygen
What is anemia? a condition in which the oxygen-carrying capacity of the blood is reduced
what is the inferior portion of the uterus that projects into the vagina? cervix
Blood returning to the heart from the systemic circuit first enters through where? the right atrium
Blood returning from the pulmonary circuit first enters through where? the left atrium
The right ventricle pumps blood where? to the lungs
The left ventricle pumps blood where? to the systemic circuit
the right atrium receives blood from where? the inferior vena cava
Blood leaving the right ventricle enters where? the pulmonary trunk
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