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Storytown Spelling11

"Sailing Home"

the other side in a battle enemy
to make two sides even balance
the core basis
where you place your hanging clothes closet
not being immodest decent
to tell the definition define
one more than ten eleven
someone who is obsessed with something fanatic
to tell the truth honest
to make someone laugh you must show... humor
sixty seconds equals this minute
to show an example model
to state you are against something. Some people use signs and marches protest
seven of these in the world ocean
to make believe pretend
not for the public private
what meteorologist use to see the weather radar
smallest measurement on sports watch second
a saying used to symbolize a person's or place's idea/campaign slogan
a person who checks for grammar errors of a newspaper, magazine, etc. editor
to expand elaborate
to turn rotate
when a person slips into a sleep due to a tragic event or trauma coma
full of duty dutiful
to have awareness of something notice
Created by: MrsJones