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Semester 2 Vocabular

Surabaya International School Grade 10 Vocabulary words fors semester 2

Anarchist N.A lawless person
Apprenticeship N.Someone who is taken as a trainee
Arsonist N.Somone who burns stuff
Asserted V.To state something being true
Asylum N.Protection from extradition
Augury N.Omen
Auspicious Adj.Promising well for future
Blitzkrieg N.Swift military offensive
Blunt Adj.Not sharp
Calamity N.A disastrous event
Capillary N.Thin blood vessel
Centrifuge N.A seperation equipment
Cinch N.Something easily done
Chorister N.Singer in choir or chorus
Compress V.To press things together
Contemptible Adj.Deserving to be treated with hatred or disrespect
Contentious Adj.Creating disagreement
Convalescence N.Recuperating patient
Crest N.Top of curve or slope
Deference N.Respect
Defile V.To corrupt something
Dentifrice N.Tootpaste
Devour V.To eat something quickly
Disperse V.To scatter
Dodder V.To shake or tremble
Drench V.To soak someone or something
Eddy N.A small whirl
Effulgence N.Brightness
Enfeeble V.To weaken
Flourish V.To be healthy or grow well
Forlorn Adj.Lonely and miserable
Foyer N.Entrance hall
Furies N.Greek avenging goddesses
Garment N.A piece of clothing
Gimmick N.A dishonest trick
Hymn N.Religious song
Hypnotize V.To put someone in a state of hypnosis
Ignite V.To light or catch fire
Illumination N.The provision of light to make something visible or bright
Incinerator N.Furnace or burner
Insidious Adj.Gradual and harmful
Insidious Adj.Gradual and harmful
Insolence N.Disrespectful
Inveigle V.To entice or lure someone
Kerosene N.A colorless flammable oil
Linguist N.A speaker of several languages
Lithe Adj.Flexible, supple, and graceful
Luxuriously Adj.Comfortable and expensive
Malicious Adj. Intentionally harmful
Manses N.House used by employees
Meddle V.To interfere in somebody else's concern
Metropolis N.Large city
Mourn V.To express sadness at somebody's death
Obligate V.To force someone to do something legally or morally
Oblivion N.State of being forgotten
Odious Adj.Hateful
Pantomime N.Someone wo acts without speaking, using gesture and expression; Mime artist
Parados N.First ode, or choral song, in a Greek tragedy
Pedant N.Someone too concern with rules and details
Piety N.Religous devotion
Pious Adj.Religious
Plummet V.To drop downward fast
Proclivity N.Natural tendency
Quarry N. A rich source of something
Ramshackle Adj. Badly built or broken down
Rationalize V. To offer a reasonable explanation for something
Recoils V. To move back suddenly
Repulse V. To draw back or repel
Reverend Adj. Deserving to be shown respect
Ricocheted V. To rebound
Rouse V. To shake somebody out of apathy
Salamander N. A small animal resembling lizard
Salient Adj. Noticeable or striking
Sated V. To satisfy somebody's desire
Sedate V. To calm somebody
Seigneurs N. A man of rank
Senile Adj. Forgetful or confused
Sententiously Adv. Full of cliche
Sieve N. Meshed utensil
Somberly Adv. Dark and gloomy
Suffuse V. To spread over something
Sultry Adj. Hot and damp
Swagger V. To walk in an arrogant way
Tacit Adj. Implied by not expressed
Thimble N. Cover for finger when sewing
Trample V. To tread on something
Transcends V. To go beyond limit
Transgress V. to break the law
Trifle N. A small quantity
Unhinged V. To dislocate something
Untrammeled Adj. Not restricted
Vault N. Stengthened room for valuables
Ventilator N. Machine that helps somebody breathe
Vigil N. A night watch
Waver V. To begin to change opinion
Yield V. To agree on somebody's demand
Wrath N. Great anger
Prodigious Adj. Wonderful or marvelous
Procession N. A group of people moving forward
Distress N. Mental suffering
Created by: natassyawijaya