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Storytown Spelling 7

"When the Circus Came to Town"

to hypothesize suppose
tornado on the water hurricane
a poem that tells a story that can be put to music ballad
to cry out bellow
to be good at something success
likeable appeal
a person who introduces to a large group announcer
used to blow your nose tissue
above good excellent
your teacher writes this on great papers terrific
to take up collect
could fall if wet slippery
regular common
to place in order arrange
to feel bad or be in pain suffer
to not lead follow
where dogs are kept if you are going out of town kennel
an animal who scurries for nuts squirrel
to write a short note message
to conclude summary
what a wedding is for marriage
a person who is certified official
a slogan motto
punctuation mark used to separate a series of nouns,verbs, etc. comma
rough rugged
Created by: MrsJones