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Storytown Spelling 2

"Line Drive"

has an eye needle
to speak in front of a group speech
to have a good idea why to do or not to do something reason
a wrinkle crease
a person who steals thief
to disappear slowly fade
to have as your own obtain
to feel woozy faint
a raised angle steep
a type of material rayon
to be ready eager
made from light being blocked by a figure shadow
something someone articulates saying
not spicy mild
to give someone some pointers coach
caused by a fire smoke
not once,but... twice
not a robot but a... human
ages 13-20 teenage
your sibling's daughter niece
to be on your knees kneeling
to bring back to you retrieve
to come out emerge
for your enjoyment amusement
to not see anymore disappear
Created by: MrsJones