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Madalynn 2

Science Final II

mineral material that forms in the earth from nonliving matter
fossil the hardened parts or mark left by an organism that lived a long time ago
fuel a material that can be burned to produce useful heat
natural resource a material that comes from the earth and can be used by living things
ore rock that has a large amount of useful mineral
nutrient a material that plants and animals need to live and grow
decay to slowly break down or rot
humus decayed organisms in the soil
loam good planting soil that is a mixture of sand, silt , clay and humus
sandy soil loose soil with large grains
recycle to change something so it can be used again
landfill a place where garbage is buried in the soil
conserve to keep something from being used up
clay soil soil with tiny grains that are packed closely together
What are rocks made of ? minerals
How do fossils form in rocks? parts of a dead organism decay in mud or sand. Over many years, the mud turns into rock. Then just the mark remains where the organism was pressed into the rock.
Why are some fuels called fossil fuels? they formed from organisms that lived hundreds of millions of years ago.
What are some materials that are made from natural resources? Some rocks are used in buildings, glass and metals are made from minerals, steel is made from iron ore.
What materials make up the soil? rock, water, air, material once alive
Why is soil important to living things? Plants need the soil to grow. Animals eat plants. Some animals live in the soil. People eat plants and animals.
Describe the 3 main kinds of soil. clay soil, loam and sandy soil
How can recycling help protect soil? we can recycle materials such as newspaper, cans, plastic bags and bottles so as not to fill the landfills.
What are some ways to conserve water? turn off water when you brush your teeth. take short showers instead of baths. fill tub only half way. check faucets for leaks. sweep sidewalks with a broom instead of water and a hose.
Created by: esmith2010