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Pharmacology Step 1

What drug is useful in an acute gouty attack? What is its MOA? Colchicine; binds to tubulin, blocks formation of microtubules and (-) phagocytosis of urate by WBCs
What is the MOA of Tiagabine? (-) GABA uptake by (-) GABA transporter
What is used in the tx of methanol ingestion? Fompeizole; inhibits alcohol dehydrogenase
What is used to reverse acute dystonias during antipsychotic tx? Benztropine; anticholinergic
What drug is a nonstimulant that inhibits reuptake of NE for the tx of ADHD? Atomoxetine
What is the MOA of Tacrolimus? binds to FKBP and inhibits calcineurin; prevents de-P of transcription factor NFATC
Which oral hypoglycemia causes a disulfram-like reaction? Chlorpropamide
How do cells acquire resistance to multiple anti-cancer drugs? MDR2 gene, cells overproduce cell surface glycoproteins
What is the MOA of Bleomycin? fragments DNA in G2 phase
Which anti-cancer drugs work by cross-linking DNA? alkylating agents (nitrosureas, cyclophosphamide)
How does cytarabine work ? pyrimidine antagonist; (-) chain elongation when AraCTP is incorporated into the chain
Which anti-canter drugs work by intercalating into DNA? doxorubicin, daunorubicin, dactinomycin
Which anti-cancer drugs can cause areflexia? vincristine, vinblastine
Which antidepressant blocks alpha2 receptors? Mirtazapine
How do you treat beta-blocker toxicity? glucagon
What is the MOA of metronidazole? bacterial/protozoal ferrodoxins reduce metronidazole to an active nitroderivative to (-) DNA replication and cause mutations
Which HIV drug causes redistribution of fat to central areas? protease inhibitors
What anti-cancer drugs work in the G2 phase? Bleomycin, Etoposide
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