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Ch 5 SW Asia - SMS

CH 5 SW Asia - SMS

oasis a place where freshwater is avalable from an underground spring or well
standard of living they quality of life one lives
rub al-kali the "empty quarter" of Arabian Peninsula; largest all-sand desert in the world
oases more than one oasis
wadi waterways in Saudi Arabia that fill up during the rainy season but are dry the rest of the year
petroleum oil from the remains of ancient plants and animals (fossil fuel)
drought a long period of time without rain
arable land land that produces crops
natural resources a form of wealth supplied by nature (coal, oil, water power, arable land)
conserve to keep from being damaged, lost or wasted (to save)
The Dead Sea A lake in Saudi Arabia between Israel and Jordan.
irrigation bringing water to dry farmland
Created by: SimardRR