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What does EBV envelope glycoprotein gp350 bind to? CR2 or CD21 on surface of B cells
In a fib, why aren't all atrial contractions transmitted to the ventricles? AV nodal refractory period can't keep up
Influenz vaccine creates Ab to what? hemagglutinin - no viral entry into the cell
What makes the common fibular nerve susceptible to injury? courses laterally around neck of the fibula
What other abnormalities is imperforate anus commonly associated with? urogenital: hypospadias, epispadias, bladder exstrophy (much more common than VACTERL)
Where are lipids absorbed? jejunum
How do interferons work? produced in response to viral infection, act as cytokines on neighboring cells, stimulate them to synthesize antiviral proteins that impair synthesis of proteins
What calcium channel blocker can be used in tx of subarachnoid hemorrhage? Nimodipine - cerebral selective drug; prevents vasospasm (that cause focal neurologic signs)
What are the two most important factors for osteoclastic differentiation? M-CSF and RANKL; osteoclasts are differentiated from a monocytic stem cell
What is the pathogenesis of Ehlers Danlos Syndrome? defective cleavage of N and C termini (outside fibroblasts) yields formation of more soluble collagen that does not properly crosslink with other collagen to form proper fibrils
What is a serious side effect of Ganciclovir? Neutropenia (can affect DNA synthesis in hematopoietic stem cell lines)
What type of Candidiasis is a pt with deficient CMI more likely to have? neutropenia? defective CMI -local candidiasis (mucocutaneous, etc) ;neutropenia - systemic candidiasis
During anaphylaxis, what else is released from mast cells (besides Histamine)? tryptase - used as marker for mast cell activation
What leads to mast cell degranulation? cross-linking of multliple membrane-bound IgE Ab by a specific Ag, resulting in IgE receptor aggregation of cell surface
What electrolyte abnormalities arise in tx w/ Amphotericin B? hypokalemia and hypomagnesemia
How does digoxin decrease AV nodal conduction? incr PS tone via Vagus n.
What is the MOA of streptomycin? (-) initiation of protein synthesis by binding to and distorting the structure of the prokaryotic 30s ribosomal subunit
How do you tx congenital adrenal hyperplasia? corticosteroids - suppress ACTH secretion
What is superior mesesnteric artery syndrome? transverse portion of the duodenum is entrapped b/w SMA and aorta causing sx of partial intestinal obstruction (aortomesenteric angle critically decreases either from dimished mesenteric fat or pronounced lordosis)
What is the difference b/w FA oxidation of LCFAs and MCFAs? LCFAs need carnitine transport system to cross inner mitochondrial membrane, MCFAs pass directly through and are activated in the matrix
What mutation occurs in Sandhoff's disease? mutation in hexosaminidase A, same as Tay Sach's but more rapid course
Tyrosine is the starting compound for what important products? Epinephrine, Norepinephrine, T3 and T4, DA, Melanin
What can lead to Homocystinuria? cystathione synthase deficiency, decr affinity for vit B6, decr Homocysteine methyltransferase (mehtionine synthase) or vit B12 deficiency
How does Rifampicin work? blocks intitiation in prokaryotes
Where does AA-tRNA synthetase join AA to tRNA? at the 3' terminal OH
Which ribosomal subunit binds to tRNA? to mRNA? tRNA - larger 60s mRNA - smaller 40s
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