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First Aid Vitamins

WVSOM -- First Aid -- Vitamins

Fat Soluble Vitamins A,D,E,K
What causes Fat soluble vitamin deficiency malabsorption syndromes (steatorrhea)
Which water soluble vitamins are stored in the liver? B12 and folate
Thiamine B1
Riboflavin B2
Niacin B3
Pantothenic acid B5
Pyridoxine B6
B12 cobalamin
Ascorbic acid Vitamin C
TPP B1/Thiamine
FAD,FMN B2/Riboflavin
NAD+ B3/Niacin
CoA Pantothenic acid (B5)
PLP Vitamin B6/Pyridoxine
Homocysteine Vitamin B12/Cobalamin
1-carbon transfer in DNA/RNA synthesis Folic Acid
Methyl unit transfer between Homocysteine and methionine SAM
Pyruvate -> oxaloacetate Biotin
Acetyl-CoA -> malonyl CoA Biotin
Propionyl-CoA -> methylmalonyl-CoA Biotin
Facilitates iron absorption by keeping iron in Fe2+ state Vitamin C
Hydroxylation of proline and lysine in collagen synthesis Vitamin C
Dopamine beta-hydroxylase which converts dopamine to NE Vitamin C
Protects erythrocytes and membranes from free-radical damage Vitamin E
Dermatitis, glossitis and diarrhea B-complex deficiencies
Polyneuritis, symmetrical muscle wasting dry beriberi--B1
High-output cardiac failure (dilated cardiomyopathy), edema Wet Ber1Ber1 -- B1
Diarrhea, dermatitis, dementia Pellegra -- Niacin Deficiency
Cheilosis and Corneal vascularization Riboflavin
Imparied glucose breakdown Thiamine deficiency
Glossitis Niacin Deficiency
Dermatitis, enteritis, alopecia, adrenal insufficiency Vitamin B5
Convulsions, hyperirritability, peripheral neuropathy, sideroblastic anemias Vitamin B6
Night Blindness, dry skin Vitamin A
Ileum absorption Fat soluble vitamins
Cofactors in blood Folate and B12
Metabolic co-factors Thiamine, riboflavin, niacin, pantothenic acid, pyridoxine, biotin (B1,2,3,5,6,7)
Antioxidants Vitamin C and E
Delayed wound healing, hypogonadism, decreased adult hair, dysgeusia, anosmia Zinc
Created by: tjamrose