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Ancient Greece

AnswerPerson or Place
Site of the most famous of the Greek Oracles Delphi
Main center of healing in ancient Greece Epidauros
Theaters in ancient Greece were temples to this god Dionysus
This god slew a snake that guarded a sacred spring Apollo
This man wrote the Illiad and the Odysessy Homer
Alexander the Great came from here Macedonia
Agamemnon fought here Troy
The most important gods in anceint Greece lived here Mount Olympus
The most important sanctuary to Zeus in ancient Greece Olympia
Zeus' wife Hera
Ruler of Mycenae or Argos King Agamemnon
Famous ruler known as a great Orator (speaker) and father of democratic reform Pericles
Greek porches skirting marketplaces; made of columns and walls; where philosophers taught stoas
Romans copied this culture Greek
He fought the Persians and beat them to add Egypt to the Greek empire Alexander
He died in Babylon Alexander
Largest of the Greek city states; invented Democracy Athens
This greek city state loved war Sparta
City State that was a rival of Athens Sparta
type of government where a small group of people ruled oligarchy
this city state known for its beautiful pottery also made money by charging a toll to drag ships across its isthmus Corinth
type of government where the people share the rule democracy
type of government ruled by a king or family; rulership passed on to kin monarchy
type of government ruled by one cruel person tyranny
This city state hosted the Olympic games every four years Olympia
According to legend, this rich city-state was ruled by Oedipus Thebes
Greek Colony founded in Northern Africa Alexandria
Greek colony founded in France Massilia (modern Marseilles)
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