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Latin & Greek Roots

Phot/Phos light
Luc light
Spec/Spect to look at
Vid/Vis to see, to look
Nunce/Nounce to announce
Voc/Vok to call
Fa to speak
Dic/Dict to say, to tell
Hib/Hab to have, hold
Fus/Found to pour out
Ten/Tain/Tin to hold
Ple to fill
Form to form, to establish
Apt/Ept to fit
Pos/Pon to put, place
Fig to shape
Lega to appoint, to send on a mission, to charge with
Act/Ag to do, act
Pulse/Pel to push
Lat brought, carried
Cant/Chant to sing, to call
Aud to hear
Son to sound
Log to speak, to reason
Bell war
Am love, friend
Agon contest, struggle
Phil love
Ped foot, child
Vest clothing
Corpor/Corpu body
Uni one
Mono one
Homo the same
Equi equal, even
Ben well, good
Cord heart
Anim spirit
Mal bad
Jur to swear, to vow, law
Domin to rule, to dominate
Crat, crac to rule, power
Leg law
Rap to snatch, greedy, devouring
Cep seize, take
Vor to eat
Cad/Cas to fall
Flu to flow
Lev light
Laps slip, slide
Ced to move along, go
Sequi/Sec to follow
Cur/Cour to run
Grad to step
Ambl/Ambul to walk
Junct to join, yoke
Part part
Clus/Clud to close
Cis to cut
Meta after, changed, beyond
Al other, another
Alter other
Simul to imitate, to pretend, to appear to be
Mort death
Nec/Nox/Nic to hurt, kill
Bio life
Viv to live
Cogn to know
Soph wise
Nomen name
Onym name
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