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Y7 Science C

Revision of Cells

What are the 7 life processes 1 Movement2 Reproduction3 Sensitivity4 Nutrition5 Exceration6 Respiration7 Growth
Cell Division When a cell splits in 2 the chromosones in the nucleus are copied and then pulled apart.Cell division can keep repeating
What 3 things do both animal cells and plant cells have? Cell membrane,cytoplasm,nucleus
What 3 things does just a plant cell have? chloroplast,vacuole,cell wall
What is the difference between an animal cell and a plant cell? Animal cells have an irregular shape.Plant cells have a regular shape
Cell membrane Controls what substances can get in and out of the cell
Cytoplasm Jelly like substance where chemical reactions take place.In plant cells only a thin lining however in animal cells it takes up most of the cell.
Nucleus Controls whats in the cell.Carries genetic information.Don't call it the brain of the cell.
Chloroplast Where photosynthesis happens-chloroplast contains a green substance called chlorophyll
Vacuole Contains a liquid called cel sap which keeps the cell firm
Cell Wall Made of a tough substance called cellulose which supports the cell.
Red Blood Cell To carry oxygen
Nerve cell To carry nerve impulses to different parts of the body
Female reproductive cell(egg cell) To join with the sperm cell and then provide food for the cell to be formed
Male reproductive cell (sperm cell) To reach female egg and join it
Root hair cell To obsorb water and minerals
Leaf cell To obsorb sunlight for photosynthesis
Tissue A luving cell is a group of cells all working in a group on a particular job
Give 5 examples of tissue 1 muscle2 The lining of the intestine3 The lining of the lungs4 Pholeum(tubes to carry dissolved sugar around a plant)5 Root hair tissue(for plants to take up water and minerals from the soil)
Organ An organ is made from a group of differnt tissues working on a job
Give 6 examples of organs 1 heart2 lung3 stomach4 brain5 leaf6 root
Organ systems A group of different organs working together to do a particular job.
Give 6 examples of an organ system 1 circulatory system2 respiratory system3 digestive system4 nervous system5 reproductive system6 leaf canopy
Microscope Cells are tiny so you have to use a microscope to see them
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