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Y7 Revision F

Revisions of Forces

What 2 things can a force be? Push or Pull
Can you see forces? No
What instrument do you use to measure forces? Force Meter
What is the symbol and unit of a force? Newtons N
How much is 1kg in newtons? 10N
Does mass or weight change when you go to the moon? Weight
What is Mass measured in? Kg
What is weight measured in? N
Mass The amount of stuff or matter the thing contains.This never changes
Weight The gravitational force between the object and Earth
Gravity All objects have a force that attracts them towards each other
What 2 times does gravitational force increase? 1)The masses are bigger2)The objects are closer
What 2 things do you need to know to work out pressure? 1)Force or weight applied2)The area other which the force or weight is applied
What is the equation for pressure? Pressure=Force/area/means divided
Give 2 examples of pressure 1)Chair legs2)Drawing pins
How do we show forces in a force diagram? 1)Longer or thicker arrow shows how big the force is2)The direction in which the arrow is pointing
What is a balanced force? When 2 forces of equal size are working on an object
What happens with a balanced force on a stationary object? It stays where it is
What happens with a balanced force on a moving object? It stays the same speed
What is an unbalanced force? When 2 forces working on a n object are not of equal size
What happens with an unbalanced force on a stationary object? It starts to move
What happens to an unbalanced force on a moving object? It changes direction or speed
How do you work ot the resultant force? The biger force minus the smaller forcee.g.100N-20N=80N
What is friction? When 1 object moves by another object.Friction makes it harder to move
Give 3 useful friction forces? 1)Friction between our shoes and the floor stop us slipping2)Friction between tyres and roads to stop us from skidding3)Friction between brakes and wheels to slow down the cars and bikes
What is air resistance? Air resistance is like friction but in the air.It slows you down
What do you need to know to work out a moment? 1)Distance from pivot2)Force
What is the equation of a moment? Moment=Distance*Force* means multiply
Pivot Like in the middle of a see saw.The middle of a turn.
What is a moment measured in? Nm Newton metre( Dont get confused by Newton meter)
Give 4 examples of moments 1)Spanner2)See Saw3)Scissors4)Door
What 5 things can forces make an object do? 1)Speed up2)Slow down3)Change direction4)Turn5)Change shape
Created by: bookcase