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Int Korean Int 1 L5N

Intergrated Korean Lesson 5 Boardinghouses - Nouns

가구 furniture Test sentence.
가위 scissors Test sentence 2.
공사 construction Test sentence 3.
광고 advertisement
신문광고 newspaper advertisement
냉장고 refrigerator
rock, stone
말씨 speech style
목사님 pastor
목욕탕 bathroom
공중 목욕탕 public bath
방값 (room) rent
방송 broadcasting
방송하다 to broadcast
사투리 dialect
서점 bookstore
소식 news
수술 operation, surgery
약도 map (for directions)
연애 dating
온돌 Korean underfloor heating system
옷장 wardrobe, clothes chest
지방 1) any area other than Seoul, 2) local area, country
집주인 landlord
책장 bookcase
청소기 vacuum cleaner
침대 bed
하숙방 room in a boardinghouse
하숙비 (charge for) room and board
하숙집 boardinghouse
Created by: lpaek