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6th Gr. Final

Stimulus Anything that causes a response in a living organism
cells All living things are made of these
positive response A plant growing towards the light
adaptation A trait that gives an organism a better chance to survive
negative response Moving your hand off of a hot stove
mimicry An adaptation where an organism looks like another organism
response An action that is caused by a stimulus
internal Feeling hungry is a ______________ stimulus
multicellular An organism that is made up of many cells
mimicry An adaptation where an organism blends in to its surroundings
decomposer An organism that breaks down the remains of dead organisms
less Hot air balloons rise because warm air is _________ dense than cold air
troposphere The layer in the atmosphere that is closest to the Earth
meteorologist A scientist that studies the weather
hygrometer An instrument that measures humidity
nitrogen The most abundant gas in the atmosphere
barometer An instrument that measures air pressure
78% The percentage of nitrogen in the atmosphere
stratosphere The layer of the atmosphere where most of the ozone layer is found
thermosphere The layer of the atmosphere where temperatures can reach to 3000 F
increases The temperatures in the troposphere get colder as your altitude _________________
troposphere The layer of the atmosphere where clouds and weather patterns occur
decreases The atmosphere becomes more dense as your altitude _________________
pressure The amount of force applied to an object divided by the area
exosphere The layer of the atmosphere that where the molecules are very spread out where space beginsevaporation
stratosphere the layer in the atmosphere that contains ozone which protects us from radiation
convection The upward movement of heat
mesosphere The layer of the atmosphere where meteors begin to burn up
shape and altitude Clouds are named based on these two factors
evaporation The process of water changing to water vapor
nimbostratus A low layer of clouds where rain is falling
cirrocumulus Fluffy clouds high in the atmosphere
altostratus A blanket or layer of clouds in the middle of the atmosphere
barometer An instrument that measures air pressure
meteorologist A scientist who studies the weather
cumulus A fluffy cloud usually present during fair weather
Less Air moves to an area of _______________ pressure
altocumulus Fluffy clouds in the middle of the atmosphere
troposphere The layer of the atmosphere where weather occurs
convection Warm air rising
condensation The process of water vapor changing to a liquid
cirrostratus A blanket or layer of clouds high in the atmosphere
anemometer An instrument that measures wind speed
stratus A cloud that forms a layer in the sky
humidity The measure of the amount of water in the air
Mercury The planet whose orbit is closest to the Sun
Mars The planet whose orbit is fourth from the Sun
Earth The planet that is mostly covered by water
Saturn The planet whose orbit is 6th from the Sun
Uranus The planet whose orbit is 7th from the Sun
Earth Which planet has a crust that is made up of slowly moving plates
Earth The planet whose orbit is third from the Sun
Venus A planet with a thick atmosphere of carbon dioxide and clouds of sulfuric acid
Mercury Which planet is covered with the most craters
Mercury This planet that is about the same size as our Moon
Mars This planet has river channels and a flood plain that indicates that there used to be water
Jupiter The fastest rotating planet
Mars and Jupiter The main asteroid belt is between these two planets
Venus Which planet has a longer day than year?
Jupiter The largest planet in the solar system
Neptune The planet whose orbit is 8th from the Sun
Venus The planet whose orbit is second from the Sun
Jupiter The planet whose orbit is fifth from the Sun
Mercury Which planet does not have an atmosphere?
Venus Which planet is the brightest object in our sky except for the Sun and Moon?
Alan Shepard Who was the first U.S. citizen to travel in space
liquid rocket A type of rocket that can be shut down and restarted
Galileo The astronmer that was the first to see Saturn's rings through a telescope in 1610
Pioneer 10 The first probe to visit an outer planet and send pictures back of Jupiter
Venus The Magellan probe returned data on the composition of Venus's atmosphere
Jupiter Which planet did the Galileo probe study?
Yuri Gagarin Who was the first human in space?
Apollo 11 Which mission was the first to land astronauts on the moon?
Focal Point The large concave dish on a radio telescope reflects radio waves to a point in the center called the________________
Deep Space Where are the Voyager 1 and Voyager II probes now heading?
space probe An instrument in space that gathers information and sends it back to Earth
16 How many nations built units for the International Space Station (ISS)?
Orbit The curved path that satellites travel around the Earth
Soviet Union Which country was the first to launch a satellite in space in 1957?
Saturn Which planet did the Cassini probe study?
Created by: rdyson
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