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Gram Negative Bacilli

What does H. influenzae cause? Hemophilus- respirTORY INFECTION
wHAT IS THE NAME OF THE IMMUNIZATION GIVEN TO prevent infection with H. influenzae? HIB- Hemophilus influenzae type b
What does H. ducreyi cause soft chancre or chamcrorid
What does H. aegyptius cause? pinkeye or conjuncturitis
What does Gardnerella vaginalis cause? BV-bacterial vaginois or NGV- ningonococcol vrithritis cause?
What are "clue cells" gram stains(gs) of vaginal discharge squamonis cells covered with tiny gram neg. bacilli
What does Bordetella pertussis cause/ WHOPPING Cough
What does the "P" in the DPT immunize against? Pertussis
What are enteric bacilli? inhibit or causes disease in the intestine
What are the characteristics that all Enterobacteriaceae have? gram neg. bacilli, aerobic, motile or non-motile, ovidase neg.,ferment glucose
What grows on an EMB plate eosinmethylene blue, lactose(sugar) gram neg. bacilli
What is inhibited from growing on EMB? gram postive
EMB what do colonies that ferment lactose look like a dark purple center
On EMB what do colonies that do not ferment lactose look like? colorless center
What does Eacherichia coli look like on EMB? a lacktose postive and a metalic machine
What can E.coli cause? UTI, pyelonephritis-infection of the kidney, infant diarrhea severe or fatal
How is E. coli used in a coliform count? It indicates the fical contamination of water
What does Shigella dysenteriae cause? painful intestine, painful diarrhea with blood and mucus
Where does Shigella primarily cause disease intestine
How is Shigella transmitted? The 5 F's- fingers, food, fly, feces,fomites
What does oral-fecal route mean? from the feces of the patient or carrier into the mouth of the victom
What does Salmonella typhosa cause? typhoid fever
How is S. typhosa transmitted? the five f's -finger, food, flys, feces, and fomites
Patients become carriers because S. typhosa may localize in which organs? kidneys or gallbladder
What does a person ingest that causes Salmonella food poisoning? a large number of salmonella organisms from other animal and speces
What foods are associated with Salmonella food poisoning? poultry and egg
What organism "swarms" over the agar surface? porteus
What does Proteus cause? normal flora intestine, causes UTI
How does Klebsiella pneumoniae appear on EMB? lactose postive and mucoid
What does K. pneumoniae cause? pneumonia in weakened patient, UTI, wound infection
Why are infections caused by Serratia marcescens serious? resistant to antibiotics
What does Serratia cause? surigical wound infection, pneumonia in weakened patient
Created by: Kim Eggleston