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greek & latin j.san.

greek and latin root words.

cred to believe
veritas true
vert to turn
arch to rule
carry port; gest
arch rule
sect to cut
gamos marriage
vid-vis to see
ped-pod foot
mater mother
aud to hear
pater father
nat born
mania madness
mort death
demos people
mar sea
ject to throw
theo god
init to begin
anim spirit; life
fungi to flea
opt eye
hydro water
dict to speak
phob fear
phil love
mal bad or evil
phone SOUND
bene good
syn to act together
voc voice
duc-duct to lead
ible/able capable of
less without
ology the study of
ist one who is or believes in
im-in not
super above
multi many
post AFTER
sub under
tri three
auto self-acting
neo new
poly many
quad four
Created by: edenco14