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exam study guide j.s

second semester exam.

Aberrant departing from the usual course; exceptional; abnormal
accord to be in agreement; to grant; or a harmonious union of sounds.
affable pleasantly easy to approach and talk to; friendly; warm; polite
Affluent having an abundance of wealth, property, or other materials. flowing freely.
allude to make an indirect referance
Ambiguity doubtfulness or uncertaintly of the meaning; unclear; indefinite.
Amorphous lacking form
antipathy natural aversion; disgust; hatred
archaic marked by charicteristics of an eairlier period.
assimilate persistant to take in and incorporate as one's own. absorb.
assidous continuous; tireless
atrophy wasting away of the bodys tissue
belligerent warlike; giving or waging war
besiege to crowd around; surround
cacophony harsh sound
chronic continuing frequently
complacence a feeling of quiet plesure or security. self satisfaction.
confluence a flowing together of two or more streams.
cosmopolitian beautician
credulous gullible
cryptic mysterious; ambiguous
decadence decay
derisive mocking
desecrate to treat with sacrilage; profane
detriment loss; damage; injury
devious indirect
diaphanous very sheer or light; transparent
dichotomy to cut into two parts
disparity lack of similarity or equality; inequality.
dissonance harsh sound; discord.
divulge to disclose or reveal
docile easily managed or handled
dynamic pertaining to energy
eccentric not having the same center
elucidate to explain
elusive hard to capture
empathized to experiance empathy
enumerate to mention seperatly as if counting
enunciate to state as a theory
ephemeral lasting only a very short time
epitomy a person or thing that is typical of or possesses to a high degree that features of a whole class
equitable characterized by fairness
equivocal allowing the possibility of several meanings
excruciating extremely painful; causing suffering
expunge erase or obliterate
extenuating to make less serious
fervent having or showing great warmth
forte a strong point at which one excels
gregarious very talkative
homo same
hyperbole intentional exaggeration
idiosyncrasy a chacracterstic or habbit that is strange
ignominious humiliating
impecunious having little or no money
impending about to happen
impediment henderance
impulsion having the power to effect of impelling
incisive biting or penatrating
infallible not falliable
infringe trespass
inquisitive prying
levity lack of seriousness
loquacious talk constantly
magnaimous forgiving an insult
malevolence hatred
malicious evil
neoteric modern; new; or recent
orthodox pertaining to any doctorine
panacea cure-all.
pandemonium wild uproar, chaos
paradox contradictory statement
paragon a model of excellence
pedantic ostentatious on one's learning
peruse to read through with thorouhness or care
philanthropy an activity preformed with the goal of promoting the well being of a fellow man
placate to pacify or appease
placid calm or peaceful
poignant keenly disstressing to the feelings
precarious uncertaint
proliferate to increasein number or spread rapidly
punctilious strict in actions
recapitulate to review by a brief summary
rectification to act of setting right
remonstrate dissoproval
resonance to echo
salience the state of being conspicious
sanguine hopefull, cheerful
satiate to satisfy to a full state
significant having or expressing a meaning
stringent marked by strictness
synchronized to happen at the same time
tenuous having little strength
transgression violation of law
travesty parody
trite not fresh or original
unity together as one
veracity devotion to the truth
vociferous marked by or given to vehement outcry
Created by: edenco14