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to add
看守 to watch
住持 keeper of a temple
wine, alcoholic drink
贊成 to agree
to share, to split
恐怕 to be afraid of
過癮 to be satisfied
其中 among
建議 to suggest, to advise
比賽 to compete
the whole
專心地 attentively, whole-heartedly
紋路 pattern
複雜 complicated
興奮地 excitedly
獨自 alone
享用 to enjoy
同伴 companion
寬心 relieved
毛筆 writing brush
皮膚 skin
to grab, to rob, to take away something by force
一口氣喝完 to guzzle
跳腳 to stamp one's foot
多此一舉 to do unnnecessary and/or extra job
Created by: chihfanglee