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GCSE Romeo & Juliet

How many big beats are there in a line of blank verse? There are 5 Big Beats.
Is the rhythum in every line of blank verse the same? For serious and important bits, the rhythum is very regular.
Which character always speaks in a very regular, rhythmic way? The Prince.
You have found a couple of lines that rhymw. Give three reasons why Shakespeare could have made them rhyme. This is to emphasise that something is important, to emphasise when people agree and to make the last two lines of a scene or a speech sound more final.
How many lines are there in a Sonnet? There are 14 lines.
Give one reason why Shakespeare would have used Sonnets in the play. The rhythum and structure of a sonnet make it sound very complete.
Does long words speed things up or slow them down? This slows things down.
What two things affect the rhythum of a line? By messing around with the punctuation and the words he chooses.
When Shakespeare changes the word order in a sentence to put a particular word at the beginning, what does he want it do? He wants the audience to notice it.
Who is compared to a flower? Juliet.
Why does Romeo compare Juliet to light? It is to make Juliet sound more beautiful, and shows how to Romeo she stands out from everything else.
Name three religious words Romeo uses to describe Juliet in the Sonnet in Act 1, Scene 5. Holy shrine, Saints and holy palmer.(palmer = pilgrim)
Describe one relationship between characters in the play which contrasts with the relationship between Romeo and Juliet. Paris and Lord Capulet treat love as a kind of deal - they don;t go into the emotions of love. Whereas Romeo and Juliet are all about the love, and not about the deal.
Is love always shown in a postitive way in Romeo and Juliet. No, it is also shown as a kind of madness, and that love can be destructive and dangerous.
Explain what "star cross'd lovers" mean in three sentences. I says that the stars control Romeo and Juliet's lives, and the stars are against them. It's like astrology - believing you can read what will happen in the path of the stars. The Prologue says that Romeo and Juliet are going to die from the start.
Which character makes a lot of puns? Mercutio.
Created by: MychemicalMad