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Science Final

8th HSES Final

What is the educated guess to a scientific problem? The Hypothesis
What is the dependent variable? The factor that is the result of the independent variable.
What is the control? The standard that the results will be compared to in the experiment.
What is cleavage? When a mineral breaks into smooth, flat surfaces.
What is Moh's hardness scale? A list of minerals ranked according to hardness.
What type of rocks are formed by magma or lava cooling? Igneous.
What type of rocks are formed from smaller rock particles fusing together by cemanting and compacting? Sedimentary.
What type of rocks are formed by heat, pressure, and chemical reactions? Metamorphic.
What is the classification for layered, metamorphic rocks? Foliated.
What major process breaks down rock into smaller pieces? Mechanical Weathering.
Liquid rock below the surface? Magma.
Liquid rock above the surface? Lava.
What causes earths core to be solid? Pressure.
What is the compund of silicon andd oxygen? Silicate.
What are the 4 phases of matter? Liquid, solid, gas, and plasma.
What process wears away surface materials? Erosion.
What is a bend n a river formed by erosion? Meander.
What is produced when sulfurous gases mix with water vapor in the atmosphere? Acid rain.
What concept did Alfred Wegener come up with? Continental drift.
What is the name of "the single landmass of earth"? Pangaea.
The age of the rock gets _________ the further away it is from the ridge? Older.
What is the name of the boundary where it goes on top of eachother? Convergent boundary.
What is the name of the boundary where they slide past eachother? Transform boundary.
What is the name of the boundary where the move away from eachother? Divergent.
What is the name of the fault where they pass eachother? Strike-slip.
What is the name of the fault where the plate moves to the left? Reverse.
What is the name of the fault where the plate moves to the right? Normal.
What telescope uses lenses to bend light? Refracting telescope.
What type of telescope uses mirrors to bounce light? Reflecting telescope.
Which law of motinon explains how rockets work? Law of action/reaction.
What law of motion states that a force is created by an accelerating mass? Law of acceleration.
Which law of motion states that an object in motion will stay in motion and an object at rest will stay at rest? Law of inertia.
Which law of motion states that for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction? Law of action/reaction.
What type of spacecrafts were ISS, Mir, and US Skylab? Space stations.
What type of spacecrafts were Columbia, Challenger, Atlantis, Discovery, and Endeavour? Space Shuttles.
What is the amount of time it takes an object to make one full spin on its axis? Rotation.
What is the amount of time for one object to make one full trip around a larger object? Revolution.
What was the purpose of the appolo program? To land a person on the moon.
What is the heliocentric solar system? When it revolves around the sun.
What does gravity depend on? Distance and mass.
What happens in a solar eclipse? Moon passes in front of the sun.
What happens in a lunar eclipse? Sun passes in front of the moon.
What is the hottest planet? Venus.
What planet has Olympus Mons? Mars.
What are Pluto, Eris, and Ceres? Dwarf planets.
What is the circulation of air due to hot air rising and cooler air sinking? Convection.
What pressure does hot air rising cause? Low pressure.
What is the movement of air from one place to another? Wind.
What is the natural phenomenon that occurs in the northern hemisphere where air is deflected to the right? Coriolis effect.
What is the measurement of the amount of water vapor in the atmosphere? Specific humidity.
What is the large air mass with high amounts of moisture that comes from the Gulf of Mexico? Maritime Tropical.
What is the frozen precipitation the forms as a result of strong winds carrying the water above the freezing line? Hail.
What severe weather causes the most deaths every year? Flash Flooding.
What measures relative humidity? Psychrometer.
What is sinking low pressure that picks up debris? Tornado.
What cloud makes thunderstorms? Cumulonimbus.
What air mass brings in cold, dry air? Continental polar.
What is created by the separation of electrical charges that are discharges between the cloud and ground? Lightning.
What is the symbol for a cold front? Triangles on top of a line.
What is the symbol for a warm front? Semicircles on top of a line.
What is the symbol for a stationary front? Semicircles on top of a line and triangles on bottom.
What is the symbol for an occluded front? Alternating semicircles and triangles on top of a line.
Created by: emuller96
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