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09 Science

sound waves -these are mechanical waves -move the slowest through gasses -they travel in all directions away from the source of the sound -get softer as their energy is used up
frequency -the number of sound waves that pass a point in one second -related to the pitch of a sound
vibration -a rapid, back-and-forth movement -too many large, loud vibrations can damage the human ear and cause ear pain
sound -a vibration that can be heard -the ones we hear are a blend of several waves -moves through matter in waves
wave a disturbance that moves energy from place to place
air what most of the sounds we hear travel through
gasses, liquids, solids what sound waves travel through
low pitch a slowly vibrating object
decibels measurement of the intensity of a sound
timbre -why instruments sound different even when played at the same pitch and volume -the quality of a sound that distinguishes it from other sounds
volume the loudness or softness of a sound
intensity as intensity increases, the volume increases
echolocation the ability that some animals have to "see" with sound
sonar -used by scientists to help them locate things underwater -type of echolocation that locates things underwater
an ultrasound -used by doctors to help them see inside a person's body without doing surgery -echoes of high-frequency sound waves to "see" inside a human body
materials that absorb sounds rough, soft, or fuzzy
smooth walls more likely to produce an echo
echo a sound wave that bounces back toward its source and is heard again
acoustics the science of sound
music helps people developed theories about sound
smooth hard surfaces reflect sound waves
noise a harsh, unwanted, or unexpected sound
pitch how high or low a sound is
a compression the part of the sound wave where the motion of each vibration pushes together some of the particles of matter
oscilloscope machine that changes sound waves into electrical pictures seen on a graph
high pitch objects vibrate quickly
mechanical wave sound waves that travel through matter
larynx when we sing or speak it causes a vibration of the vocal cords in the _________
gas sounds move slowest through _______
rarefaction, wavelength, compression you will need to be able to label a diagram
How has God designed sound waves so that a person is able to hear all the different instruments in a musical piece at the same time? God designed sound waves to be able to occupy the same space without disturbing one another.
Created by: dsaffcls
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