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Anatomy Exam ?s

End of the year exam questions

The inner ear consists of what three spaces? Vestibule, semicircular canals, cochlea
What are the cells called that are responsible for the sense of taste? Gustatory cells
What is generated by a general sense organ? Touch and equilibrium
Dim light stimulates what in the eye? Rods
Bright light stimulates what in the eye? Cones
What occurs when the eyeball is too short? Hyperopia/farsightedness
What is called 'the window of the eye'? Cornea
What is the colored part of the eye? Iris
What is the hole in the eye that allows light through? Pupil
What is the layer of the eye that keeps light from scattering in the eye? Choroid
What are the structures in the retina that are able to respond to color? Cones
What is the white of the eye? Sclera
What is the mucous membrance covering part of the sclera? Conjunctiva
What is the structure that is changed in shape by the ciliary muscles to facilitate focus of light? Lens
What is the innermost layer of the eye? Retina
What are the structures in the retina that respond in dim light? Rods
What is the water fluid found in front of the lens? Aqueous humor
What is the jellylike fluid found behind the lens? Vitreous humor
What is the ossicle that rests against the eardrum? Malleus
What is another term for the external ear? Pinna
What is the thicker fluid in the inner ear? Endolymph
What is the structure that gives us our sense of balance? Semicircular canal
What is the ossicle that rests against the oval window? Stapes
What is another term for the eardrum? Tympanic membrane
What is the specific organ of hearing? Organ of Corti
What separates the middle ear from the inner ear? Oval window
What is the thinner fluid in the inner ear? Perilymph
What connects the throad to the middle ear? Auditory tube
Explain the functioning of the sense of balance and equilibrium. The organ of equilibrium is located in the inner ear (Crista ampullaris). Specialized mechanoreceptors for balance and equilibrium are in the semicircular canals and vestibule.
Why do steroid hormones not require a second messenger? They are able to pass through the cell membrane.
What effect do tropic hormones have on endocrine glands? They cause them to release hormones or grow.
What is the target organ for TSH? Thyroid gland
What are the target cells for T4? Almost all cells in the body
What stimulates the release of adrenal cortex hormone? ACTH
What causes an increase in blood glucose level? Glucagon
What causes a drop in blood glucose level? Insulin
What causes a reduction in the blood calcium level? Calcitonin
What stimulates the release of thyroid hormone? TSH
What is a mineralocorticoid? Aldosterone
What is a glucocorticoid? Cortisol
What causes an increase in the blood calcium level? Parathyroid hormone
What causes contraction of the pregnant uterus? Oxytocin
What stimulates cell metabolism? Thyroxine
What is the hormone that assists the body in regulating the internal clock? Melatonin
What is the hormon released by the posterior pitutiary gland that accelerates the reabsorption of water from urine? ADH
What is the hormone secreted by the cells of the heart that has the exact opposite effects of aldosterone? ANH
Hormone that stimulates the primary ovarian follice to start growing in women FSH
Hormone that assists in the body's "fight or flight" response
Created by: lnromans