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Science Y7 ER

Revision of Energy Resources

List the 4 stages of a power station. 1)Water turns into gas 2)Spins the Turbine 3)Generator to be stored 4)Used by people
What fuel is used to make nuclear energy? Uranium
Solar Power: Mirrors are reflected onto a big container of waer.Gas will turn the turbine to make electricity.
Hydroelectric Power Stations: Storing water high up n resovoirs and then letting the water go this causes kinetic energy which turns turbines.
Wind Turbines: The wind blows the turbine around.
Geothermal Energy: Water is piped down into the ground where it is hot this then turns into steam which comes up and turns a turbine.
Firewood (biomass energy): Burning trees for a fuel which boils water which turns the turbine.But you must keep planting trees.
The Sun's energy causes 6 things these are: Coal oil gas,Wood,Food,Wind Power,Wave Power,Batteries
Name the 3 fossil fuels Oil Gas Coal
Fossil fuels are renewable/non-renewable? Non renewable
How is coal formed? By plants and animals dieing millions og years ago and rotting beneath the soil they turned into coal.
How is oil and gas formed? Millions of years ago animals and plants in the sea died and got buried beneath the sand they turned into oil or gas.
Give 3 advantages of fossil fuels 1)Available easily 2)Eadily converted to Energy 3)Inexpensive
Give 3 disadvantages of fossil fuels 1)Causes air pollution 2)Running out 3)Fire Hazard
What are the eight forms of energy? Light,kinetic,gravitational potential,sound,electrical,chemical,heat,elastic
What is light energy? Anything that is luminous and gives off light energy
What is kinetic energy? Kinetic energy is the energy used for movement
What is gravitational potential energy? Energy that if it falls above the ground.
What is sound energy? A vibrating object caused sound energy.
What is electrical energy? Where electrical currents flow.
What is chemical energy? Batteries,fuels and foods have chemical energy when they have a reaction
What is Heat Energy? Above 0 everything has heat energy
What is elastic energy? When anything is stretched it has elastic energy?
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