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Review 10: Digital 2

Digital Theory 2 (Stack #41138)

In digital audio's binary system, what are the numbers 1 and 0 called? Bits {8 bits is 1 byte; 4 bits is a nybble}
What is sampling rate or frequency? The number of times per second a signal's amplitude is checked and assigned a numerical value.
What is resolution? The nubmer of steps in amplitude expressed in bits
How many times higher than the frequency of the signal to be sampled MUST our sampling rate be? 2
Iin a digital system, what is an anti-aliasing filter (LPF) used for? To remove frequencies too high to be sampled at the selected sampling rate
What do we call the noise added to digital audio to improve low amplitude resolution? Dither
What kind of recording system records continuously varying waveforms? Analog
What kind of recording system records waveforms as stepped, numberic increments? Digital
What component in a digital system controls timing functions? Clock {or [digital] wordclock}
What component converts analog signal to digital data? Analog to digital converter (A/D or ADC)
What category of digital recorders do DASH machines belong to? Stationary Head
What category of digital recorders do DATs, ADATs, and Tascam DTRS machines belong to? Rotary Head
What does MDM stand for? Give 2 examples. Modular Digital Multirack: ADAT and DTRS machines
What is the sampling rate of Red Book audio CDs? 44.1 kHz
What is Red Book CD resolution? 16-bit
What represents bits on a CD? Pits
What reads the data from a CD? A Laser (and optical pickup)
What does 5.1 surround mean? 5 full bandwidth channels: L, C, R, and L&R surround
What surround formats are in 5.1? Dolby Digital and DTS
What surround format adds left and right center channels (7.1)? SDDS
Which sounds better - THX or DTS? Question is invalid: DTS is a surround sound encoding process. THX is room and system certification.
What 2 new formats offer higher quality and more channels than CD? DVD-A and SACD
What do we call the systems used for exchange of digital audio? Digital audio interfaces
Which are not digital audio interfaces: AES/EBU, MADI, MIDI, S/PDIF, TDIF, ALESIS “lightpipe”, Billy’s crackpipe? In addition to the obvious one, MIDI - It carries data used to control midi devices, not audio
What is replacing wire as a signal/data carrier? Fiber optics
Which are not proprietary interfaces: AES/EBU, MADI, S/PDIF, TDIF, ALESIS “lightpipe” AES/EBU and MADI
Created by: sticksmcfly
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