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Which cell, known as the "helper cell," is vital in activating the immune response? T4 LYMPHOCYTE
Which components of the immune system is referred to as "cell-mediated" in its immune response? T LYMPHOCYTES
Which cell plays an active role in suppresing the immune response once the antigenic stimulus has been eliminated? T8 LYMPHOCYTES
Which components of the white blood cell count makes up the largest percent of the differential? SEGMENTED NEUTROPHILS
Which term is used to describe a substance regarded as foreign in terms of the immune response? ANTIGEN
Which cells are not considered a macrophage? LYMPHOCYTES
Which type of cells would have the ability to remember the HAEMOPHILUS antigen from a prior infection? LYMPHOCYTES
Which types of cells produce antibodies? B lymphocytes through plasma cells.
Which components of the immune system is referred to as "humorally mediated" in its immune response? B lymphocytes
Which cell secretes lymphokines (biological response modifiers)? T lymphocytes
Which antibody mediates allergic reactions? IgE
Which is the most dominant antibody in adult life? IgG
Which antibdody would be given to provide passive immunity from accidental puncture with a needle contaminated with hepatitis IgG
Which agent is used to treat Pneumocystis carinii pneumonia? SEPTRA (BACTRIM)
In which organ system does much of the development of antibodies take place? SPLENIC
Which are common clinical presentation of multiple myeloma? PATHOLOGIC FRACTURES AND BONE PAIN
Which immunologic disorder presents with Bence-Jones proteinuria? MULTIPLE MYELOMA
Reed-Sternberg cells are noted in which disorder HODGKIN'S DISEASE
Which treatment modality or modalities could be employed in patients with Hodgkin's disease? SPLENECTOMY, RADIATION THERAPY, CHEMOTHERAPY
Which phase of chronic myelocytic leukemia can resemble an acute leukemia? BLAST CRISIS
Which side effect of chdmotherapy can affect nutritional status? STOMATITIS
Which condition occurs with graft-versus-host response to transplanted bone marrow? The transplanted cells reject normal cells
Which is the first response in coagulation following trauma to a blood vessel? VASOCONSTRICTION
What characterizes disseminated intravascular clotting? Increased levels of fibrinogen deradation products
Which lymphoma tends to progress along adjacent groups of lymph nodes, as opposed to skipping to noncontinuous groups? HODGKIN'S LYMPHOMA
Which test is used to diagnose a hemolytic transfusion reaction? COOMBS TEST
What is another name for factor I? FIBRINOGEN
The extrinsic pathway for coagulation is initiated by which mechanism? Exposure to interstitial tissue following trauma to the blood vessel.
What is the cause of superior vena cava syndrome? Compression of the vena cava by enlarged lymph nodes.
Which antibody is naturally present in bodily secretions? IgA
What is the primary purpose of the complement system? To assist antibodies in destroying antigens.
Where does the thoracic duct empty? LEFT SUBCLAVIAN VEIN
What is the first stage in the coagulation process? ACTIVATION OF THROMBOPLASTIN
tPA has potential advantages over steptokinase. What are these potential advantages? It is clot-specific as opposed to systemic and has a shorter half-life.
Which component is primarily stored in the spleen? PLATELETS
What is the desired platelet count prior to surgery? 50,000/mm3
Platelet count less then 20,000/mm3 is associated with. Spontaneous bleeding
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