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Science Study Card

Lifestyle chemistry and Bionimedical technology

Reliability The occurrence is guaranteed E.g a clock that is out by 3 minutes, will always be 3 minutes out. This is guaranteed that despite not being accurate the time will still show only 3 minutes out.
Validity Is it testing what you think your testing
Independent Variables The changed/altered part of an experiment in order to complete the experiment. (There should only be one independent variable for a valid experiment)
Dependent variables What changes when the independent variable changes. The dependent variable changes in accordance with the outcome of the independent variable
The name for a Liquid that dissolves substances A Solution
Mixture that settles out quickly A Suspension
What is an emulsion A mixture of two or more immiscible(unblendable) liquids
What is the name of a solid and liquid mixture evenly dispersed, however not dissolved in one another that settles over a lengthy time A Colloid
An example of a surfactant is Soaps and detergents
Surfactant A surfactant is a group of chemicals that are SURFACE ACTIVE AGENTS. They affect the surface tension of a liquid
What are the two types of emulsions Oil in water and Water in oil
Substances that Decompose in the environment Biodegradable
Naturally occurring organisms on skin Bacteria
3 Main properties of skin 1: Waterproofing 2: Temperature control 3: Protects against disease causing bacteria
Skin pH measured on a scale of 0-14 4.5 - 6 - Slightly acidic
pH is a measure of Acidity
What is the Menisci the upward curvature of e.g. water in a test tube
2 main solvents in medications are 1: Water 2: Alcohol
Why are water and alcohol used as solvents Water: Used with substances that need to flow as it is a highly soluble substance Alcohol is used as an alternative to water and is better used for fatty and oily substances that water has a harder time dissolving
Stomach pH level between 0.5 and 2 (acidic)
Roles of stomach Secretes Gastric juice to dilute acid Muscular layers churn and digest food
pH of the small intestines roughly 8 (alkaline)
Role of small intestines To Secrete digestive enzymes digest fats Products of digestion are absorbed into bloodstream
Tablets that dissolve in the small intestines Enteric coated tablets
Fat soluble vitamins A,D,E,K ( remember as a word it helps) ADEK
Water soluble vitamins B!, B2, B12 and C ( remember all the B's count 1 and 2 than put them together for 12 and than think oranges :P )
3 ways for drug administration Orally Inhalation Injection
SA node or Sinoatrial node Specialized cells in the right atrium of the heart, send electrical impulses causing the heart to beat
UHMWPE Ultra High Molecular Weight polyethylene and is used in Large replacement joints
The medical procedure when using a balloon to inflate hardened arteries is called Balloon angioplasty
What types of synovial joints do elbows and knee joints classify as Hinge joints
Non invasive medical techniques are When no physical infiltration is required
Minimally invasive medical techniques are when Next to none or little physical infiltration is required. Quick recovery times
Biomedical implants must be Bio compatible, highly durable, flexible and as lightweight a possible
Heart valve disease where blood flow is limited to the body is called atherosclerosis
The job of the Skeleton system 1: To sustain movement 2: To hold muscle in place 3: protect organs and holds organs in place
Ligaments Bone to Bone or Bone to cartlidge
Tendons Attach muscle to bone
Vlaves ( in the heart ) Ensures one way flow of blood. prevents blood backflow during contractions
Ball and cage valve A substitute heart valve.
The circulatory system Transports food, water, oxygen and blood in and out of cells
Life support systems Defibrillator Heart Lung machine IV's Antibiotics etc...
Hearts double beat sound (bah bump) The process of two separate valves functioning. one flows to and from the respiratory system. the other flows to and throughout the circulatory system.
Two causes (medical) for irregular heartbeat Tachycardia and Brachicardia
Superalloys Superalloys are a combination of several different metal components and plastics used to create a stronger and more durable material
Cemented and non cemented joints Cemented: To use an Specific type of "glue" and bolts etc to literally cement the joint in place Uncemented: The joint is hammered into place causing trauma to the bone this causes it to grow rapidly into the porous surface. This creates a stronger bon
A solvent A liquid that a solute dissolves in.
Oil is immiscible in water unless using an emulsifier which works by Surrounding the oil globules
Gas in liquid colloids e.g Foam
Solid in Gas e.g Smoke
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