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South,East,Central A

Mozambique End of civil war in 1992. 250,000 Portuguese left suddenly in 1975.
Namibia Africa’s last colony; independent in 1990. Formerly called South West Africa.
Djibouti Small country between Gulf of Aden and Red Sea. Capital City Djibouti, serves as a port for Addis Ababa. Lake Assal, one of the lowest places below sea level.
Tanzania Zanzibar- group of islands off the coast of this country. Mt. Kilimanjaro, Lake Victoria are located in this country.
Eritrea Strategic Location along coast of Red Sea. For centuries it was part of Ethiopia. Became independent in 1993. The capital is Asmara.
Democratic Rep. of the Congo When this country overthrew their corrupt dictator in 1997, their name changed from Zaire. Joseph Conrad wrote his chilling short story “Heart of Darkness” about his experience as a riverboat captain there.
Burundi 85% of the people are Hutu Farmers, but have been ruled by the Tutsi cattle herders. Capital is Bujumbura.
Cameroon Over 200 ethnic tribes, but unusually stable government. Ruled by Germany, then Britain, then France. Active volcano here is named after the country’s name.
Rwanda Genocide in 1994. Almost one million people killed in 100 days.
Ethiopia Civilization of Aksum. Arch of the Covenant Addis Ababa
Zambia Victoria Falls, Dr. Livingston 3rd largest producer of copper. Formerly Northern Rhodesia.
Uganda “Pearl of Africa” General Idi Amin. Kampala
Chile Atacama Desert. Owns Easter Island
Costa Rica Has the region’s highest literacy rate, standard of living, and is the only Latin American country without a standing army.
Nicaragua Largest country in Central America. 3 regions: Mosquito coast, Central highlands, Pacific region.
Paraguay Axebreaker tree used for railroad ties and construction. Gran Chaco to the west of the main river. Landlocked.
Guatemala This country has a capital city which is the largest city in Central America. Ruins of Tikal. Largest percentage of pure-blooded Indians in the area.
Honduras The poorest country in the Central American region: a true “Banana Republic.”
Ecuador Owns the Galapagos Islands. Charles Darwin visited the islands and formulated his theory of evolution.
El Salvador Smallest and most densely populated country in the region. Coffee, sugar and cotton. 12 year civil war ended in 1992
Mexico Large exporter of chicle- chewing gum and sisal- hemp fiber used in rope. Large Mestizo population, Home to Mayan and Toltec civilizations. Mexico City, huge, 21m people Built on Aztec Capital. Most of population is under the age of 20.
Peru Heart of Incan Civilizations, Cuzco, Machu Picchu discovered in 1900’s
Suriname Made awful land swap while being controlled by the Dutch
Panama The U.S. helped to overthrow its tyrant, General Manuel Noriega, in the late 1980’s
French Guiana 100 years ago this country was used as a brutal penal colony, the most notorious known as Devil’s Island. Only foreign possession left on the mainland and still depends on France.
Venezuela The name of this country means little Venice in Spanihs; was the wealthiest country in South America due to oil, but is now saddled with a huge national debt.
Colombia The eastern 2/3 of this country is sparsely populated; largest cash crops are cocaine and marijuana, but coffee is the nation’s real treasure. 90% of world’s emeralds are exported.
Uruguay Until the 1950’s, this country was a model society that was known as the “Switzerland of South America”; when world commodity prices declined, political unrest and an urban guerrilla movement. resulted; it has
Argentina This country is the world’s largest exporter of beef; Patagonia is located here. Capital is Buenos Aires. Auge
Brazil Superpower of Latin America; Portuguese is the official language; fifth largest nation in the world
Belize Formerly British Honduras. Mahogany and rosewood are important exports.
Bolivia This landlocked country is South America’s poorest nation; named after the man who helped bring an end to 300 years of Spanish rule.
Guyana This country has an Asian majority. Jonestown massacre occurred here. Formerly a British colony.
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