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Year 9 End of Year

Year 9 End of Year - Part 1

a or ab by, from
abripo to drag off
absum to be away, be distant
abundans abundant
accidit to happen
advenio to reach, arrive at
aedificium building
ager field
ago to do, drive
albus white
alius other, another
alter the other, the second
ambulo to walk
amica friend (female)
amicus friend (male)
amo to like, love
ancilla servent-girl
antea previously, before
antiquus ancient
appareo to appear
approprinquo to approach
aqua water
arbor tree
arcus arch
ascendo to climb, go up
audio to hear
auxilium help
bene well
bonus good
bos ox, cow
brevis short
cado to fall down, drop
canis dog
caput head
causa cause, reason
celeriter quickly
certe certainly, definately
civis citizen
clamo to shout
clamor shout
claudo to shut, close
cogito to think
colo to cultivate, worship
conicio to throw, hurl
conspicio to catch sight of
constituo to set up, decide, appoint
consulo to reflect, consult, consider
corpu body
cum with
cur? why?
custodio to guard
de down from, concerning
dea godess
deinde then
demostro to show
deus god
dico to say
dies day
discedo to go away, leave
diu for a long time
do to give
doleo to be sorry, to grieve
dominus master
domus house, home
dormio to sleep
duco to lead, take
dum while
duo two
edo to eat
ego I
emo to buy
enim for
eo to go
epistola letter
erro to wander, be mistaken
etiam also, even
ex or e from, out of
excitatus wakened
exclamo to exclaim
exeo to go out
extendo to hold out
extraho to drag out
facio to make, do
fero to carry, bring
festino to hurry
filia daughter
filius son
flos flower
fortasse perhaps
frater brother
fugio to flee
gloria fame, glory
habeo to have
habito to live
haereo to stick
heri yesterday
hic this
hodie today
homo man
hortus garden
hospes friend, guest
huc to this place, hither
iam now, already
ibi there, at that place
identidem repeatedly, again and again
igitur therfore
ille that
illuc to that place, thither
immobilis immobile
incendo to burn, set on fire
infans baby
infirmus shaky, weak
infra below
inquit he/she says/said
inspicio to examine
inter among, inbetween
interea meanwhile
intra inside
intro to enter
invenio to find
invitus unwillingly
ispe -self
itaque therefore
iter journey, road
iubeo to order
labor to work
lacrima tear
laetus happy, glad
lapis stone
lavo to wash
lectus bed, couch
lego to collect, pick up
liberi children
licet it is allowed
lux light
magnus large, great, loud
mandatum instruction
mane in the morning
maneo to remain, stay
mare sea
mater mother
Created by: popodom