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Vocabulary Topic Six and Topic Seven

阳光 yangguang sunshine
空气 kongqi air
qing sunny
yin cloudy
leng cold
hao fine
huai bad
下雨 xiayu rainy
下雪 xiaxue snowy
下霜 xiashuang foggy
多云 duoyun cloudy
刮风 guafeng windy
打雷 dalei thunder
闪电 shandian lightning
气温 qiwen air temperature
du degree
暖和 nuanhuo warm
凉快 liangkuai cool
气候 qihou climate
han cold
温暖 wennuan warm
热带 redai the tropics
温带 wendai temperate zone
寒带 handai frigid zone
海洋性 haiyangxing Oceanity
xing scope
大陆性 daluxing Continental
季节 jijie season
季节性 jijiexing seasonal
chun spring
xia summer
qiu fall
dong winter
四季 siji four seasons
播种 bozhong sow
收获 shouhuo harvest
郊游 jiaoyou outgoing
特征 tezheng trait
陆地 ludi dry land, land
平原 pingyuan plain
高原 gaoyuan plateau, tableland
沙漠 shamo desert
草原 caoyuan grsslands
shan hill, mountain
火山 huoshan volcano
jiang river; Yangtze River
he river; Yellow River
hu lake
hai sea
问题 wenti problem, issue
生态 shengtai ecology
保护 baohi protect
绿化 luhua make (a place) green
污染 wuran pollute
酸雨 suanyu acid rain
水灾 shuizai flood
旱灾 hanzai drought
破坏 pohuai destroy
治理 zhili bring under control
垃圾 laji rubbish
废物 feiwu waster material
废气 feiqi waster (exhaust) gas
废水 feishui waste water
旧物 jiuwu old items
回收 huishou recycle
节省 jiesheng save
自然 ziran nature; natural
资源 ziyuan resources
shui water
dian electricity
世界问题 shijiewenti world, globe issues
联合国 Lianheguo the United Nations (UN)
战争 zhanzheng war
濒危动物 binweidongwu Endangered animal
恐怖主义 kongbuzhuyi terrorist
健康 jiankang be in good health
紧急 jinji urgent
情况 qingkuang situation
shang Injury, to injure
生病 shengbing fall ill
看病 kanbing see a doctor
医院 yiyuan hospital
急诊 jizhen emergency treatment
中医 zhongyi traditional Chinese medical (TCM) treatment, or TCM doctor
西医 xiyi western medical treatment, or western doctor
牙医 yayi dentist
治疗 zhiliao treatment
舒服 shufu comfortable
恢复 huifu recover
感冒 ganmao flu
咳嗽 kesou cough
头疼 touteng headache
发烧 fashao have a fever
受伤 shoushang injuries
流血 liuxue bleed
吃药 chiyao take medicine
打针 dazhen shot
药房 yaofang drugstore
病房 bingfang hospital ward
义务 yiwu clinic
X 光 aikesiguang X-ray
住院 zhuyuan be in a hospital
yao medicine
药方 yaofang prescription
药水 yaoshui liquid medicine
药片 yaopian pill
药店 yaodian Drugstore, pharmacy
一日 yiri each day
两次 liangci twice
饭后 fanhou after meal
服用 fuyong take (medicine)
寻找 xunzhao look for
失物 shiwu lost items
丢失 diushi lose
东西 dongxi stuff
形状 xingzhuang shape
查找 chazhao serch for
钱包 qianbao wallet
报告 baogao report
描述 miaoshu describe
大使馆 dashiguan embassy
保险 baoxiang insurance
通知 tongzhi inform
小偷 xiaotou thief
扒手 pashou thief
事故 shigu accident
救护 jiuhuche ambulance
证人 zhengren witness
火灾 huozai fire disaster
灭火 miehuo put out the fire
失事 shishi have an accident
地震 dizhen earthquake
急救 jijiu first aid
救援 jiuyuan save
修理 xiuli repair, fix
坏了 huaile broken
熄火 xihuo (fire) go out
救助 jiuzhu aid
标志 biaozhi sign
危险 weixian danger
入内 renui get into
正在 zhengzai in the process of
施工 shigong construction
出口 xhukou exit/export
入口 rukou entrance/ import
天气 tianqi weather
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