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Debate Vocabulary II

empathy captivity for participation in another's feelings/ideas
scrutinize to look at/over crittically & carefully
perfidious trechory; deciet
orator the art of public speaking; speaker
reclusive withdrawl
transitory duration
lineage relationg o or derived from ancesors
exasperation state of being irritated or annoyed
inconcequential of no significance
amicable charactorized by friendly good will
collaborate to work jointly w/ others in an intillectual endeavor
digression straying from the main point
prosperity a coondition of being successful or thriving
nefarious crime; wicked; vicious
formidable causing fear; dread; apprehension
fevid intense; passionate
submissive to put forward as an opinion
placate to soothe; mollify
vindicate to defend; maintain
prolific fruitiful; abunding
chastise to scold or condem sharply
resilient bouncing/springing back into shape
haughty having/showing great pride in one's self
labyrinth maze
superficial concerned w/ only what is on the surface
anecdote a short account of some interesting event
citadel strongly fortified place; stronghold
fortuitous happening by chance
abhor shrink away from w/ horror, feel of disgust, or hate for; detest
curtail cut short; cut off; reduce
discredit cast doubt on; destroy beleif, faith, or trust in
circutous roundabout; not direct
augment increase; enlarge
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