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Stage 19 Derivatives

Affiliate to bring into close association or connection
Allocate to fix the place of; locate
Amateur a person inexperienced or unskilled in a particular activity
Cogitation a thought; design or plan
Curator a manager
Dulcet pleasant or agreeable to the eye or the feelings; soothing
Filial pertaining to, or befitting a son or daughter
Fortuitous happening or produced by chance
Influx act of flowing in
Itinerant traveling from place to place
Itinerary a detailed plan for a journey
Locale a place or locality, esp. with reference to events or circumstances connected with it
Paramour an illicit lover, esp. of a married person
Peril something that causes or may cause injury, loss, or destruction
Revive to restore to life or consciousness
Vex to irritate; annoy; provoke
Infanticide the act of killing an infant
Homicide the killing of one human being by another
Matricide the act of killing one's mother
Deicide the act of killing a go
Pesticide a chemical preparation for destroying plant, fungal, or animal pests
Fratricide a person who kills his or her brother
Regicide the killing of a king
Suicide the intentional taking of one's own life
Parricide the act of killing one's father, mother, or other close relative
Uxoricide the act of murdering one's wife
Castigate to rebuke or punish
Cogitate to think seriously, to ponder
Curate an assistant clergyman
Equivocate to avoid committing oneself
Hastate spear-shaped
Ingratiate to bring into another's favor
Locate to find
Vociferous crying out noisily; clamorous
Vocal of, pertaining to, or uttered with the voice
Confluence their place of junction
Fluent able to speak or write smoothly, easily, or readily
Defenestrate To throw out of a window
Decapitate to cut off the head of
Cherish to hold or treat as dear
Caress an act or gesture expressing affection
Mellifluous flowing like honey
Created by: Latin I