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Skibidi Ohio rizzler

Islam Vocab

Mamluk Sultanate Type of Government (1250-1517) Prospered in trading cotton and sugar between the Islamic world and Europe.
Seljuk Turks Group of people (like nomadic) Another challenge to the Abbasids came from the Central Asian Seljuk Turks.
Sultan Seljuk leader called himself sultan, thereby reducing the role of the highest-ranking Abbasid from caliph to chief Sunni Religious authority.
Mongols fourth group to attack the Abbasid Empire were among the most famous conquerors in history.
Abbasid Caliphate Dynasty. Rule after Muhammad. Was led by Arabs and Persians. Adopted Political practices. Gave Muslims a golden age. Crusaders and Mongols made the dynasty decline.
Mamluks Enslaved people from Turks of Egypt
Muhammad Founder of Islam. Died in 632. After death Islam spread rapidly outward from Arabia.
Crusaders European Christians organized groups of soldiers to reopen access to holy sites around (and in) Jerusalem.
Sufis emphasized introspection (the examination or observation of one's own mental and emotional processes) to grasp truths that they believed could not be understood through learning.
House Of Wisdom Center of learning. Scholars came from all over to learn. Brought civilizations together after the fall of Rome. In Bagdhad.
Mecca City, located on Red Sea birthplace of Islam.
Baghdad Trade route. Abbasids capital city.
Nasir al-Din al-Tusi One of the most celebrated Islamic Scholars.
A’ishah al-Ba’ uniyyah- may be the most prolific female Muslim writer before the 20th century. Known for “clear Inspiration, On Praise of the trusted one.”
Islam Religion. In the Middle East. Muhammad=Creator. Monotheistic
5 Pillars 1 Confession of faith 2 5x a day for prayer 3 Fast during Ramadan 4 Helping the poor 5 Pilgrimage to Mecca
Quaran Islam sacred text
Created by: jshotter25
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