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english lit vocab

english leterary terms vocab and more

rhythm musical quality in language produced in repetition
tone the attitude a WRITER takes towards a subject, character or the reader
mood a story's atmosphere or the feeling it evokes
analogy comparison made between things to show they are alike
refrain repeated words, phrase, line or group of line *think of the chorus of a song*
idiom A common expression that has acquired a meaning that differs from its literal meaning
poetic license a writer's freedom to break the rules of language
extended metaphor a metaphor that is developed over several lines or throughout an entire poem
dead metaphor a metaphor that is so overused that it's impact has been lost
mixed metaphor the inconsistent combination of 2 or more metaphors
assonance repetition of similar vowel sounds followed by different consonant sounds in words that are close
parallelism repetition of words, phrases or sentences that have the same grammatical structure
internal rhyme rhyme between words in the same line
inversion reversal of normal word order in a sentence
dramatic poetry when the reader and audience know something important that the characters don't
situational irony when what actually happens is the opposite of what is expected appropriate
narrative poetry poetry that has a plot or tells a story
lyric poetry poetry that expresses a speaker's emotions or thoughts and doesn't tell a story
ode a lyrical poem that is structured in 3 major parts: srophe, antistophe and the epode
epic a long narrative poem that relates to the great deeds of a hero who embodies the values of a particular society
ballad song or song-like poem that tells a story
free verse poem that doesn't have a regular meter or rhyme scheme
elegy a mournful poem, a lament for the dead
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