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Leisure and Travel

Vocabulary Topic Five

旅行 luxing trip, travel, tour
爱好 aihao interest, hobby
业余 yeyu spare time, amateur
对。。。有兴趣 dui...youxingqi be interested in
喜欢 xihuan like, be fond of
小说 xiaoshuo novel, fiction
诗歌 shige poems and songs, poetry
写作 xiezuo write, compose; writing
流行 liuxing prevalent, popular
歌曲 gequ song
民歌 minge folk song
乐器 yueqi musical instrument
唱歌 changge sing (a song)
跳舞 tiaowu dance
摄影 sheying take a photograph
戏剧 xiju drama, play
表演 biaoyan perform; performance
读书 dushu read (aloud)
绘画 huihua draw, paint; painting
媒体 meiti (news) media
频道 pindao (of radio or television) channel
节目 jiemu programme
新闻 xinwen news
天气预报 tainqiyubao weather forecast
电影 dianying film, movie
卡通 katong cartoon
动画片 donghuapian animation cartoon film
故事片 gushipian feature film
纪录片 jilupian documentary film
广播 guangbo broadcasting
报纸 baozhi newspaper
杂志 zazhi magazine, journal
周刊 zhoukan weekly publication
订阅 dingyue subscribe to (a newspaper)
标题 biaoti title, heading, caption
文章 wenzhang article, essay
开始 kaishi begin, start
结束 jieshu end, finish
足球 ziqiu soccer, football
篮球 lanqiu basketball
排球 paiqiu volleyball
羽毛球 yumaoqiu badminton
乒乓球 pingpangqiu table tennis
游泳 youyong swim
球队 qiumi fan
观众 guangzhong audience
运动员 yundongyuan athlete
训练 xunlian training
比赛 bisai competition, tournament
shu lose
ying win
ping make the same score
娱乐 yule entertainment, amusement
音乐厅 yinyueting concert or music hall
音乐会 yinyuehui concert, musicale
电影院 dianyingyuan movie theater
剧场 jichang theater
舞会 wuhui dance (party)
博物馆 bowuguan museum
美术馆 meishuguan art gallery, Gallery
展览 zhanlan exhibit, exhibition
游乐场 youlechang amusement park
公园 gongyuan park
询问 xunwen ask about, inquire about
门票 menpiao entrance ticket
票价 piaojia ticket price
见解 jianjie view, opinion
滚动 gundong touch, be moved
好看 haokan good-looking
觉得 juede feel
bu not, no
geng more, further
xiang think, miss somebody
地区 diqu area, region
环境 huanjing environment, circumstances
高速公路 gaosugonglu expressway, freeway
十字路口 shizilukou T-shaped street interscetion
红路灯 hongludeng traffic lights
qiao bridge
立交桥 lijiaoqiao overpass
教堂 jiaotang church
居民区 juminqu community, residential area
人行道 renxingdao pavement, sidewalk
步行街 buxingjie footpath
存车处 cenchechu bike park
停车场 tingchechang car park
机场 jichang airport
火车站 huochezhan railway station
汽车站 qichezhan bus stop, bus station
港口 gangkou port, harbour
从。。。到 cong...dao
方向 fangxiang directions
li leave, be away from
yuan far away
jin near, close
附近 fujin close by, in the vicinity of
对面 duimian opposite
转弯 zhuanwan turn a corner, make a turn
穿过 chuanguo cross through
xiang to, towards, against
wang towards, to
dong East
西 xi West
nan South
bei North
qian front
hou rear, back, behind
zuo left
you right
中间 zhongjian among, middle, between
往返 wangfan round-trip
单程 dancheng one ride
头等舱 toudengcang first-class cabin in the plane
二等舱 erdengcang second-class cabin
取票 qupiao take a ticket
旅客 luke passenger
售票处 shoupiaochu ticket office
离港 ligang depart from the port
转车 zhuanche shift vehicle
zhuan turn, shift
飞机 feiji airplane
护照 huzhao passport
时刻表 zhikebiao timetable
月票 yuepiao monthly tickets
坐车 zuoche take a vehicle
上车 shangche go on board a bus or a train
下车 xiache get off or out of a vehicle
zuo take, travel by
上飞机 shangfeiji go on board a plane
下飞机 xiafeiji get off a plane
候车室 houcheshi waiting area in a train station
检票 jianpiao check ticket
行李 xingli luggage, baggage
dai take, carry with
海关 haiguan customhouse, customs
安全 anquan safe, secure, security
检查 jiancha check
航空公司 hangkonggongsi airline company
航班 hangban scheduled flight
起飞 qifei (of aircraft) take off
降落 jiangluo land, descend, touch down
正点 zhengdian punctual
晚点 wandian be late
项目 xiangmu item, sports events
全包旅游 quanbao luyou entire package traveling
长途旅行 changtuluxing long distance travel
短途旅行 duantuluxing short distance trip
参观 canguan visit, look around
三日游 sanriyou Three-day trip
节日 jieri festival
过节 guojie celebrate a festival or holiday
元旦 yuandan New Year's Day
除夕 chuxi Chinese New Year's eve
春节 chunjie Spring Festival (Chinese New Year)
圣诞节 shengdanjie Christmas Day
清明节 qingmingjie tomb-sweeping Day
端午节 duanwujie Dragon Boat Festival
中秋节 zhongqiujie Mid-Autumn Festival (15th day of the 18th lunar month)
元宵节 yuanxiaojie Lantern festival(15th of the first lunar month)
情人节 qingrenjie Valentine's Day
旅游咨询中心 luyou zi xunzhongxin consulting center for a trip
旅行社 luxingshe travel service or agency
小册子 xiaocezi broche
海报 haibao poster
日程 richeng schedule, itinerary
行程 xingcheng travel route
目的地 mudidi destination
照相机 zhaoxinagji camera
xi wash, develop film
照片 zhaopian photograph, picture
出发 chufa set out, set off
住宿 zhusu get accommodations
类别 leibie classification,c ategory
酒店 jiudian restaurant, pub
宾馆 binguan guest house, hotel
旅馆 luguan inn, hotel
野营 yeying camping
双人间 shuangrenjian two beds in a hotel room
单人间 danrenjian single bedroom in a hotel
空房间 kongfangjian empty room
安全门 anquanmen safety door
入住 ruzhu register in a hotel
登记 dengji register, enter one's name
ban do, handle
手续 xhouxu preocedures
规定 guiding rules and regulations
禁止 jinzhi prohibit, band, forbid
停车 tingche (of a vehicle) stop
保持 baochi keep, maintain, preserve
请勿 qingwu please don't
吸烟 xiyan smoke
拍照 paizhao take (a picture)
旅游 luyou trip, travel, tour
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