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Nutrition Final- SSC

Study guide for Nutrition final

There are six classes of nutrients. Which one is most responsible for providing energy? Carbohydrates(although fats and protein can offer some)
What kind of experiment do both scientists and subjects not know which group is the control double-blind experiment
What is nutrient density The ratio of food to the amount of energy it provides. Nutrient Dense food provides lots of energy
What nutrients does pancreatic juice act on Starch, protein and fats
What aides in the digestion of lipids and is stored and secreted by the gallbladder Bile
Where are most nutrients absorbed small intestine
Where does digestion begin mouth
What is the process of food moving from the mouth to the stomach peristalsis
Some nutrients are absorbed others go to the ___________ Lymph system
What type of nutriets enter the lymph system fat soluble vitamins
To which organ do nutrients go before entering the blood liver
What kind of molecules are saccharides sugar
What is the most common disaccharide table sugar- made of glucose and fructose
What is blood sugar Glucose
How does the body store starch as glucose
What is the difference between a liquid and a solid lipid solid has no double bonds, liquid or saturated have at least one double bond
What is a complete protein contains a adequate proportion of all amino acids needed in the human diet
How are lipids broken down (into what) into fatty acids and type of glycerol
into what organ do fatty acids enter before going into the lymph system the villi of the small intestine
what is the major energy molecule of the cell ATP
What is a Vitamin B12 deficiency called anemia
What is the major function of the B vitamins support metabolism, promote cell growth, enhance immune system function
What is Vitamin A Deficiency called you need to ask Ms. Wilson cause you don't know
What is Vitamin C Deficiency called Scurvy
What is Vitamin D deficiency called Rickets
What organ maintain electrolyte balance and pH Kidneys
Where do humans store glycogen Kidneys and muscle tissue
What minerals are lost in sweat Potassium and calcium
What minerals are important for bone health Vitamin D, Calcium and some vitamin K
What is unique about vitamin K It is made by the body
What is RDA Recommended Dietary Allowance
What is AI Recommended intake value
What is UL The highest level that can be taken in without any potential danger
What is AMDR Acceptable Macronutrient Distribution Ranges
What is the number one way prevent food bourne illness handwashing
Created by: hlareau