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GRCC PN132 test1

GRCC PN132 Irritable bowel syndrome

IBS motility disorder characterized by alternating periods of constipation and diarrhea.
What regulates the motor and sensory function of the bowel that is altered in IBS Central Nervous system
Abdominal pain and tenderness Often in right lower quadrant.
intermittent and colicky or dull and continous pain abd pain and tenderness due to IBS
May be relieved by defecation. abd pain and tenderness from IBS
Alternating from constipation to diarrhea; stool may contain mucus manifestations of ibs
Ab bloating and flatulence Manifestations of IBS
Possible nausea and vomiting manifestations of IBS
What increases manifestations of IBS? Stress, but doesn't cause them.
Treatment for IBS and help to reduce bowel spasms. Stress reduction, exercises or counseling.
Bulk forming laxatives May reduce bowel spasm and reestablish a normal pattern of elimination.
Antidepressant meds May help relieve ab pain and spasm.
pt with IBS seen in acute care setting usually is a secondary condition.
Created by: Wends1984