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Chinese I- Unit 4

Lessons 19-24

现在 xiànzài; now
点(钟) diǎn(zhōng); o'clock
bàn; half
shì; matter, affair, thing, business
qù; go
起床 qǐchuáng; get up
ba; particle word (indicating a suggestion, a request, or a mild command)
每天 měitiān; every day
早上 zǎoshang; morning
可 〔钟) kè (zhōng); a quarter of an hour
晚上 wǎnshang; night, evening
时候 shíhou; time, moment
睡觉 shuìjiào; go to bed, sleep
昨天 zuótiān; yesterday
明天 míngtiān; tomorrow
yuè; month
hào; date (used mostly after numericals)
jié; holiday, festival
nǎ; which
tiān; day
明年 míngnián; next year
星期 xīngqī; day of the week
打算 dǎsuàn; plan (to), be going to
gàn; do
kàn; see, look at, watch
电影 diànyǐng; movie
xíng; will do, be all right
可以 kěyǐ; can, may
天气 tiānqì; weather
怎么样 zěnmeyàng; how
刮(风) guā(fēng); (of wind) blow
fēng; wind
下午 xiàwǔ; afternoon
可能 kěnéng; maybe, perhaps
下雨 xiàyǔ; rain
dài; take/bringcarry.. with sb.
雨伞 yǔsǎn; umbrella
哪儿 nar3; where
外面 wàimian; outside
雨衣 yǔyī; raincoat
新年 xīnniān; New Year
最近 zuìjìn; recently, lately
máng; busy
觉得 juedé; think, feel
秋天 qiūtiān; fall
zuì; most, least, best, to the highest or lowest degree
冬天 dōngtiān; winter
lěng; cold
夏天 xiàtiān; summer
rè; hot
春天 chūntiān; spring
常常 chángcháng; often
非常 fēicháng; very
节日 jiérì; holiday, red
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