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Year 9 Exam

a or ab by,from
abripio to drag off
absum to be away, to be distant
abundans abundant
accidit to happen
advenio to reach, arrive at
ager field
alius other, another
antea previously, before
antiquus ancient
bonus good
caput head
claudo to shut, close
colo to cultivate, worship
constituo to set up, decide, appoint
consulo to reflect, consult, consider
de down from, concerning
dea goddess
deus god
dies day
dico to say
discendo to go away, leave
diu for a long time
do to give
doleo to be sorry, to greive
edo to eat
emo to buy
eo to go
erro to wander, be mistaken
etiam also, even
excitatus wakened
exeo to go out
extendo to hold out
extraho to drag out
fero to carry, bring
festino to hurry
fugio to flee
gloria fame, glory
hic this
homo man
hospes friend, guest
huc to this place, hither
iam now, any longer, already
identidem repeatedly, again and again
ille that
illuc to that place, thither
incendo to burn, set on fire
infans baby
infra below
inspicio to examine
inter among, in between
interea meanwhile
intra inside
intro to enter
invitus unwilling, unwillingly
itaque and so, therefore
iter journey, road
lacrima tear
lapis stone
lavo to wash
lego to collect, pick, read
licet it is allowed
lux light
mandatum instruction
mane in the morning
mare sea
maximus greatest, very large
mensis month
miles soldier
miser unhappy, wretched
mons mountain, hill
monstro to show
motus moved
multitudo crowd
murus wall
multus much, many
navis ship
nonne question expecting answer 'yes'
nos we
nox night
nullus no, none
numquam never
occuro to meet
oculus eye
olim formerly, once upon a time
onus burden, load
optimus best, very good
parens parent
pars part
perficio to complete, finish
perterritus frightened
pervenio to arrive at, reach
pes foot
peto to seek aim at, make for, ask
plenus full
pono to place, put
pons bridge
porta gate
porto to carry
possum to be able
post after
postquam after
praedo robber
procul far, far off
promitto to promise
pulcher beautiful
qualis? of what kind?
quando? when?
qui who, what
quid? what?
quomodo? how?
quoque also, too
reduco to lead back
regnum kingdom
relinquo to leave
res thing
respondeo to reply
responsum reply
resurgo to rise again
rex king
rideo to laugh, smile
rogo to ask
rusticus rural, rustic
satis enough
scio to know
se him/herself, themselves
seges corn, crop
simul at the same time
simulac as soon as
sine without
soleo to be accustomed, in habit of
sollicitus worried
solus alone
specto to look at
sto to stand
stringo to draw
stultus stupid, foolish
supra above, on top
surgo to rise
suus his, her, its, their own
taceo to be silent
temerarius rash, reckless, bold
terra earth, ground
terror terror, fear
timeo to fear, be afraid
trado to hand over
traho to drag, pull
transcurro to run across, over
triclinium dining room
tu you
tum then, at that time
tumultus commotion, uproar
tuus your
urbs city
ut as
uxor wife
valde very much, very
varius various, diverse
vehementer violently, very much
verbosus talkative
vestis garment, clothes
veto to forbid
via road, street
vicinus neighbouring, adjacent
video to see
vix scarcely
volo to want, wish
Created by: Marge-Homer