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Guillain-Barre syndrome affects which neurologic component? PERIPHERAL NERVOUS SYSTEM
Which organism is the most common cause of bacterial meningitis? HAEMOPHILUS INFLUENZAE
What is the precursor to both epinephrine and norepinephrine? DOPAMINE
Anterior gray columns in the spinal cord contain cell bodies of which fiber type? EFFERENT (MOTOR)
Fracture of which vertebra is termed the "hangman's fracture" because of the loss of spinal stabilization of the head? C2
Which condition characterizes upper and lower exremity weakness with more pronounced upper extemity weakness? CENTRAL CORD SYNDROME
Which reflex is indicative of an intact seventh nerve? MOTOR COMPONENT OF THE CORNEAL REFLEX
A normal consensual light reflex indicates proper functioning of which two cranial nerves? OPTIC & OCULOMOTOR
What best describes the absence of the doll's eyes response? movement of the eyes in the same direction as movement of the head.
Which structure primarily regulates the autonomic nervous system? HYPOTHALAMUS
Which function is primarily regulated by the occipital lobe? COORDINATION
Countercoup head injuries arise from which of the following mechanism? INJURY TO THE SIDE OPPOSITE THE TRAUMA
Which type of head injury typically produces rapid clinical deterioration? EPIDURAL HEMATOMA
Myasthenia gravis is thought to occur due to which mechanism? Disturbance of acetylcholine utilization
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