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SOL Vocabulary-Set 2

very cold areas with virtually no precipitation tundra
areas near the poles completely covered by ice ice cap
climate along the N American west coast with plenty of rainfall due to westerlies coming from the Pacific Ocean marine west coast
windstorms that often bring rain in South and Southeast Asia monsoons
hurricanes in the Pacific Oceans typhoons
water or wind wear away land erosion
man-made waterways; many in Europe to connect rivers canals
man-made areas to contain water and prevent flooding reservoirs
transporting water usually for the purpose of aiding agriculture irrigation
area where a river spreads out before emptying into a large body of water delta
area of vegetation in the middle of a desert, usually due to an underground water source oasis
a dried up riverbed in an arid region; population centers develop around wadis because of underground water sources wadi
farming to feed a person’s own family; crops are not sold for profits; usually found in very poor areas subsistence farming
a form of commercial farming where a large farm usually focuses on one or a few crops and sells them for profit plantation agriculture
crop grown to be sold for profit cash crop
crop usually grown to be eaten by farmer’s family food crop
cutting steps into the side of a hill or mountain to create arable land; found in many parts of S and E Asia, as well as in the Andes of S America agricultural terracing
land in the Netherlands where seawater has been drained to create usable land polders
the loss of forests usually due to human activity (building homes, parking lots, etc.) deforestation
grasslands areas turning into deserts due to overgrazing of animals and the loss of vegetation; the Sahel of Africa is a good example desertification
polluted rainfall; currently occurs in Germany’s Black Forest, the US’s Appalachian Mountains acid rain
divides the watershed of North America; located along the top of the Rocky Mountains continental divide
areas of the world that speak French, usually because they were formerly French colonies (such as Quebec, SE Asia, West Africa, etc.) Francophone world
a group of countries that join together for a specific purpose (military assistance, trade, maintain peace, etc.) alliance
economic union of many European countries that cooperate for mutual benefit European Union
economic union of the US, Canada, and Mexico that eliminates many tariffs between the three countries to stimulate trade North American Free Trade Association
military alliance originally created to oppose the Soviet Union; now fights terrorism North Atlantic Treaty Organization
political union in Africa to support cooperation Organization of African Unity
economic union of SE Asian countries Association of Southeast Asian Nations
political union of countries in North and South America Organization of American States
political union to stimulate cooperation between Arab countries League of Arab States
EU European Union
NAFTA North American Free Trade Association
NATO North Atlantic Treaty Organization
OAU Organization of African Unity
ASEAN Association of Southeast Asian Nations
Created by: Gmen