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Microbiology Final-H

Post test

Scientist behind biogenesis Pasteur
Scientist behind Vaccines (small pox) Jenner
Scientist behind Postulates Koch
Scientist behind Chemotherapy Erlich
Explain microbes specificity for insects They are specific for insects
Explain environmental considerations for microbes They are not permanent
Explain microbe control compared to other control methods Less dangerous than other chemicals
What is the potential that microbes will cause disease in other animals Very low potential
What is the chance that insects will develop resistance to microbes None. Insects do not develop resistance
What is the correct order for the gram stain Crystal violet >wash>iodine>wash>decolorize>safranin>wash and blot
Is the bacteria cell wall sensitive to lysozyme Yes bacteria cell walls are sensitive to lysozyme
Do bacteria cell walls offer protection in a hypertonic environment No bacteria cell walls do not offer protection in a hypertonic environment
Does the bacteria cell wall maintain the cell shape Yes bacteria cell walls do maintain the cell shape
Do bacteria cell walls have teichoic acid Yes bacteria cell walls have teichoic acid
Protons moving across a membrane are Chemismotic
What type of anaerobe uses o2 or can grow without o2 Faculative anaerobe
What is the answer to #7 All except pasteurization
What is the intial effect of ionizing radiation on a cell Produces reactive ions
Introns and extrons, which one codes for proteins Extrons code... Introns do not code
CDNA has only________ Exons
What are the steps of usin RNA in the synthesis of a virus Have RNA template which produces a double stranded RNA
Why don't kochs postulates apply to all diseases Not all diseases are caused by microorganisms
Can exotoxins be destroyed by heat Yes exo can be destroyed, indo cannot be destroyed by heat
Does not interfere with viral replication Complement activation
What is an antigen Elicits an antibody response and can combine to those antibodies
In the direct ELISA test where does the antigen come from The patient
Created by: hlareau