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JapanesVocab Builder


あばく (暴く) disclose: expose: show up
あばらや (あばら屋) shed
あばれまわる (暴れまわる) rampage
あばれる (暴れる) become violent
あびる (浴びる) take shower
あびせる (浴びせる) throw water: shower
あぶ  horsefly
あぶらえ (油絵) oil painting
あぶらっこい (脂っこい) fatty: greasy
あぶらみ (脂身) fat
あぶらっぽい (脂っぽい) greasy: oily
あえぐ gasp: pant
あえん zinc
あふれる overflow
あがる get nervous
あがる (上がる) go up: increase: rise
揚がる fly (of flag)
あがってくる (揚がってくる) come up
あげる give: let out groan: yell
あげる (上げる) increase: raise: hold up hand:turn up volume
あげる (揚げる) deep-fry: fry: hoist
あげそば (上げ相ば) bull market
あご  chin: jaw
あぐらをかく sit cross legged
あひる duck
あいちゃく (愛着) love
あいいれない (相いれない) incompatible
あいじん (愛人) lover: mistress
あいじょう (愛情) affection: love
あいかぎ (合い鍵) duplicate key
あいかわらず (相変わらず) the same as ever
あいきどう (合気道) aikido
あいこだ be quits with
あいこくしゃ (愛国者) patriot
あいこくてき な (愛国的) な patriotic
あいくるしい (愛くるしい) adorable
あいま (合間) interlude
あいまい な ambiguous: vague
あいさつ greeting
あいさつする greet: salute
あいしょう (相性) chemistry: affinity
あいしょう (愛称) pet name: shortened form
あいそうのいい (愛想のいい) amiable
あいそうのわるい (愛想の悪い) unfriendly
あいすべき (愛すべき) darling: lovable
あいた (開いた) open
あいて (相手) companion: opponent
ばっきん (罰金) fine: penalty
ばくち gambling
ばくちうち (ばくち打ち) gambler
ばくだい な (ばく大)な great:huge:vast:enormous: infinite
ばくだん (爆弾) bomb
ばね spring
ばんごう まちがい (番号間違い) wrong number
ばんぐみ (番組) program
ばんじ (万事) everything
ばんのう (万能) versatility
ばんのう の (万能の) all-purpose:all-round
ばら rose
ばらばらに out of sequence
ばらばらになる come apart: disintegrate: be scattered
ばらばらの sporadic : in pieces
だきあう (抱き合う) embrace
だきょう (だきょう) compromise
だます deceive: trick: rip off: cheat
渡る [わたる] to cross over:to go across
渡す [わたす] to pass over:to hand over
わたし ferry (crossing):ferry(boat):(also suffix) delivery
零 [れい] zero:nought
両親 [りょうしん] parents:both parents
留学生 [りゅうがくせい] overseas student
りっぱ splendid:fine:handsome:elegant:imposing:prominent:legal:legitimate
呼ぶ [よぶ] to call out:to invite
横 [よこ] beside:side:width
洋服 [ようふく] Western-style clothes
やる [(仕事をやる)] やる [(仕事をやる)] to do/to have sexual intercourse/to kill/to give (to inferiors, animals, etc.):to dispatch (a letter):to send:to study:to perform:to play (sports, game):to have (eat, drink, smoke):to row (a boat):to run or operate (a restaurant)
問題 [もんだい] problem:question
もちろん of course:certainly:naturally
南 [みなみ] South:proceeding south
磨く [みがく] to polish:to shine:to brush:to refine:to improve
万年筆 [まんねんひつ] fountain pen
曲る [まがる] bend:curve: turn: wind: round
本棚 [ほんだな] bookshelves
本 [ほん] origin:original
細い [ほそい] thin:slender:fine
豚肉 [ぶたにく] pork
服 [ふく] clothes
吹く [ふく] to blow (wind, etc):to emit:to spout
広い [ひろい] spacious/vast/wide/(P)/
低い [ひくい] short/low/humble/low (voice)
弾く [ひく] to play (piano, guitar)
引く [ひく] minus/to pull/to play (string instr.)
東 [ひがし] east
晴れる [はれる] to be sunny/to clear away/to stop raining/(P)/
はる [(切手をはる)] to stick/to paste/(P)/
頭 [あたま] counter for large animals
あびる to bathe/to bask in the sun/to shower
洗う [あらう] to wash
あれ [(指示詞)] stormy weather/tempest/chaps (of skin)/
よい good/nice/pleasant/ok/
いくつ how many?/how old?
池 [いけ] pond
いつ be lost/peace/hide/mistake/beautiful/in turn/
意味 [いみ] meaning/significance
嫌 [いや] disagreeable/detestable/unpleasant/reluctant
いろいろ various/
薄い [うすい] thin/weak/watery/diluted/
歌う [うたう] to sing
うち [(わたしのうち)] inside/
生まれる [うまれる] to be born
始まる [はじまる] to begin
箱 [はこ] box
はく [(ズボンをはく、] 靴をはく) to wear/to put on (a sword)
葉書 [はがき] postcard
灰皿 [はいざら] ashtray
はい [(感動詞)] wear/put on (sword)
歯 [は] tooth
乗る [のる] 1) to get on/to ride in/to board/to mount/to get up on/to spread (paints)/to be taken in/(2) to share in/to join/to be found in (a dictionary)/to feel like doing/to be mentioned in/to be in harmony with
登る [のぼる] to climb
脱ぐ [ぬぐ] to take off clothes
庭 [にわ] garden
荷物 [にもつ] luggage
西 [にし] west
にぎやか bustling/busy
なる [(春になる)] to sound/to ring/to resound/to echo/to roar/to rumble
並べる [ならべる] to line up/to set up
並ぶ [ならぶ] to line up/to stand in a line
鳴く [なく] to bark/to purr/to make sound (animal)
どれ well/now/let me see/which (of three or more)
取る [とる] to take/to pick up/to harvest/to earn/to choose/(P)/
飛ぶ [とぶ] to jump/to fly/to leap/to spring/to bound/to hop
どの [(どの人)] person/Mister (mostly in addressing someone on an envelope)/Mr
どう [(副詞)] child/servant/foolishness/
出る [でる] to appear/to come forth/to leave
出かける [でかける] to depart/to go out (e.g. on an excursion or outing)/to set out/to start/to be going out/
勤める [つとめる] (1) to serve/to fill a post/to serve under/to work (for)/(2) to exert oneself/to endeavor/to be diligent/(3) to play (the part of)/(P)/
つける [(電灯をつける)] to attach/to join/to add/to append/to affix/to stick/to glue/to fasten/to sew on/to apply (ointment): to furnish (a house with):to wear/to put on:keep a diary/to make an entry:to appraise/to set (a price):to bring alongside
机 [つくえ] desk
着く [つく] to arrive at/to reach
だんだん gradually/by degrees/
ちゃわん rice bowl/tea cup/teacup/
ちょうど supplies/furniture/fixtures/
地下鉄 [ちかてつ] underground train/subway
出す [だす] to put out/to send
たかい [(値段は高い)] death/the next world/
たいてい usually/generally
それでは in that situation/well then ...
掃除 [そうじ] cleaning/sweeping
そう [(そうです)] /destroy/
する to pick someone's pocket/
背 [せい] height/stature
生徒 [せいと] pupil
せっけん economy/thrift
背広 [せびろ] business suit
狭い [せまい] narrow/confined/small
すぐに instantly/
吸う [すう] to smoke/to breathe in/to suck
丈夫 [じょうぶ] (1) hero/gentleman/warrior/manly person/(2) good health/robustness/strong/solid/durable/
字引 [じびき] dictionary
死ぬ [しぬ] to die
自動車 [じどうしゃ] automobile
質問 [しつもん] question/inquiry
静か [しずか] quiet/peaceful
売る [うる] to sell
上着 [うわぎ] coat/tunic/jacket/outer garment
大勢 [おおぜい] great number of people
置く [おく] to put/to place
押す [おす] to push/to press/to stamp (i.e. a passport)
泳ぐ [およぐ] to swim
おととし year before last
しかし however/but
塩 [しお] salt
散歩 [さんぽ] walk/stroll
先 [さき] the future/priority/precedence/former/previous/old/late/
さす [(傘をさす)] to light (a fire)/to apply moxa cautery/
作文 [さくぶん] composition/writing
ここ [(指示詞)] cry of a baby at its birth/
答える [こたえる] to answer/to reply/
言葉 [ことば] word(s)/language/speech
こんな such/like this
咲く [さく] to bloom
さあ [(感動詞)] come (int)/come now
玄関 [げんかん] entranceway/entry hall/
曇る [くもる] to become cloudy/to become dim
着る [きる] to wear/to put on (from shoulders down)
結構 [けっこう] (1) (uk) splendid/nice/wonderful/delicious/sweet/(2) (arch) construction/architecture/(3) well enough/tolerably/(P)/
牛肉 [ぎゅうにく] beef
兄弟 [きょうだい] siblings
切手 [きって] /man of ability/
喫茶店 [きっさてん] coffee lounge
北 [きた] /north/
消える [きえる] to go out/to vanish/to disappear
花瓶 [かびん] (flower) vase
軽い [かるい] light/non-serious/minor
かぶる to wear/to put on (head)/to pour or dash water (on oneself)/(P)/
辛い [からい] painful/heart-breaking
体 [からだ] appearance/air/condition/state/form/
角 [かど] horn
かた [(この方)] many/plentiful/
風 [かぜ] method/manner/way
かける [(電話をかける)] to soar/to fly/
かかる [(時間がかかる)] to suffer from
返す [かえす] to return something
階段 [かいだん] stairs
終る [おわる] to finish/to close/
降りる [おりる] to alight (e.g. from bus)/to get off/to descend (e.g. a mountain)
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