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study my junk

1. what planet does support life? Earth
2. how does the interaction between earth's atmosphere and the sun provide an enviroment suitable for life? the sun's energy
3. the sun is the what of all energy? souce
4.list the three things that happens when the earth recieves energy from the sun. 1. some energy is reflected back into space.2. some is absorbed by the atmosphere.3. some is absorbed by land and water.
5. the balance amog these 3 determines the what of our atmospher? Characteristics
6. radiation is the transfer of energy by what waves? electronognetic
7.what are the 3 types of heat transfer? Radiation, conduction and convection
8. radiant energy can pass through what? space
9. radiatiion and heat are what. different things
10.what is conduction? the direct transfer of energy.
12.Energy from the sun reaches Earth by what? Radiation
13. Heat is transfer and
14. Most radiation coming from Earth’s surface is absorbed and what? heats up our atmosphere
15.Conduction is direct contact between how many objects? two objects
16. It is this cycling of warm/cold currents that drives weather patterns is what Convection
18.Radiation and heat are
each other
Created by: caa