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Abigale Led

1.Transfer of heat by direct contact between particles. conduction
2.a metal spoon gets hot in a pot of boiling water. conduction
3.an egg on a frying pan sizzles and cooks. conduction
4.an ice cube held in a hand begins to melt. conduction
5.a metal cup gets hot when boiling water is poured in it. conduction
6.a cheek is burned by a hot curling iron. conduction
7.transfer of heat in liquids and gasses through currents. convection
8.water in a heated pot begins to boil. convection
9.a bird takes advantage of rising warm air by catching an updraft. convection
10.cool air sinks to the ground on a warm night. convection
11.a swimmer is caught in a current of cooled water and is pulled under. convection
12.air is warmer near the ceiling than the floor. convection
13.transfer of heat by electromagnetic waves radiation
14.toes are warmed in front of a heater. radiation
15.a marshmallow turns brown when held over hot coals. radiation
16.the sun melts the ice formed on a frosty lawn radiation
17.a sunbather gets a nasty sunburn after laying out for to long radiation
18.slices of bread turn brown in a toaster radiation
19.Radiation, conduction adn convection are all examples of? heat transfer
20. 3 examples of heat transfer are? Conduction, Radiation, and convection
Created by: lopazopa