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English 1 vocab15-16

vocab 15-16

adjunct connect to in a dependent, but not a part of
macabre grim
farcical absurd
debonair elegant and gracious
penchant a strong liking
deplete empty
chicanery the use of tricks to deceive
feisty agressive
mitigate to make less severe
gull to cheat
nadir lowest point
equivocal unsertian
genealogy family history
impervious incapable of being affected
filial relating to a son or daughter
daub to paint unskillfully
admonish to warn
obeisance a bow expressing great respect
cache a concealed store of goods
affliction great suffering
mendicant a beggar
aphorism concise statement of a truth
oscillate to swing or move back and forth
delete to take out
oust expel
impermeable not permitting passage
paean a fervent expression of praise
imperturbable unflustered
lax careless
palpable capable of being touched or felt
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