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Unit 2 Vocab

Character flash cards

教练 Jiàoliàn - coach; instructor
shuí - who
yě - also; too
dǎ - play
橄榄球 gǎnlǎnqiú - American football
篮球 lánqiú - basketball
yǒu - have
a - particle word
dōu - both; all
xué - learn; study
汉语 Hànyǔ - the Chinese language
法语 Fǎyǔ - the French language
jǐ - how many
zhāng - measure word
中文 Zhōngwén - Chinese
光盘 guāngpán - disks; CDs
没有 méiyǒu - not to have; don't have
nà - that
钱包 qiánbāo - wallet; purse
zhé - this
lǐ - in; inside
多少 duōshao - how much; how many
qián - money
yuán - measure word
duì - yes; that's right
gěi - give
nín - polite form of "you"
zhǎo - to find; to look for
hé - and
zài - be
这里 zhèlǐ - here
那里 nǎli - where
zhù - offer good wishes; wish
shēngri - birthday
快乐 kuàilè - happy; joyous
今天 jīntiān - today
gēn - with
一起 yìqǐ - together
chī - eat
蛋糕 dàngāo - cake
tīng - listen
音乐 yīnyuè - music
大家 dàjiā - all; everybody
hěn - very
高兴 gāoxìng - happy; glad; cheerful
Created by: cmotil29
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